Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phone Call

I figured this would be the best way to update everyone....for everyone that reads my blog anyhow.
I got a phone call today on the house and it looks like we have the possibility of showing it tomorrow morning.  Please pray that God's will would be done.  I know we have been up in the air over the house for a while wondering whether or not it would be worth it to move or not but we have sat down and figured out where Doug has been over the past year and we would definitely see him a whole lot more if we were in Ithaca.  So we are moving forward with this.  Of course its all in God's hands and all in His timing.  Please join us in prayer as we sit back and play the waiting game!  I'll keep you all posted!

Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain! :)

On days like today I'm thankful for our huge sump pump and electricity ;)  
Yesterday I checked the pit and although it was pretty full, it wasn't full enough to run yet.  We had it all set up to kick on when it needed to.  This morning I got up and while Doug was getting ready for work, I ran downstairs to check on things and we had maybe 1 or 2 inches of water standing on the floor.  Nothing bad, of course more than we would like, but we have had worse!  

It must have just hit a tough spot this morning because as you can see it has the water all sucked down now.  It will be a day or so before it starts shutting off, but for now I'm just thankful its doing its job!

The rain has since turned into HIGH winds and snow.  That should slow the water down some.  Hopefully the power lines stay up so that we don't have to start the generator and start running extension cords.  
Here is our pond we have going on in our backyard and then the field too.

Ooops, we sprang a leak in the hose.

I love our pump :)

 Stay warm and dry!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An update :)

I need to get my camera out....
I know!
My excuse is that we haven't really had a bunch going on, although my parents were here last weekend and I had all intentions of taking pictures and that never happened.  
School is going good and the end is in view.  We are over half way done and that feels good!  We should be done by the first of May.  (Oh the pros of homeschooling...we can do school everyday that Doug is working regardless to what the public school is doing and then we get out and can enjoy the summer earlier!)  Marissa has really grown in her reading and Math skills this year.  Her favorite subject is Bible Reading according to her, although I would have guessed Animal Science.  Madalyn is picking up fast on everything and teaching her to read is going to be a breeze I think.  I know Marissa is counting down the days until Madalyn can read alone and the school environment will be a little quieter.  
Speaking of quieter, I'm loosing my younger extra kiddo on Friday.  Things will be a lot quieter around here thats for sure.  I'm not sure how I feel about that yet!  Lucas will still be hanging out with us though ;)  Its definitely going to be weird and I think I'm going to have to work on a new schedule, which is going to be weird seeing as we have had this one for the past 6 months!
Both the girls are getting so big.  They are both always wanting to help out around here.  Which I love! Madalyn always wants to help with supper and Marissa is always offering to do dishes and clean the cat pan.  Both girls are on top of feeding the dogs and are so responsible! :)  I'm so proud of them!

Our house is still on the market and we are still trying to sell it.  Doug had his one year review with Dairy One and they didn't give him the pink slip, but instead a raise so I guess they want to keep him ;) We have started looking at houses again.  Nothing serious, but keeping our eyes open.  It's nice to have a direction again.  For now anyhow!  I'm so proud of my husband and so thankful for where the Lord has brought us together.  

And just a funny phrase from Madalyn this morning to start your day...She came out from getting dressed and found her puppies on the couch.  She came over to get them and smelled them and announces, "Who sat on my puppies?"  I told her no one that I knew of and asked her why she would ask that.  She says, "Because they smell like someone sat on them!"  LOL  She is such a corker!

Friday, January 25, 2013

My parents are coming to our house tomorrow.
Today at lunch the girls prayed that they would have a good night sleep tonight so they would be all rested and that they would have a safe trip.
So then they started talking back and forth.  Madalyn wanted to know if Aunt Chelsea would be coming too.  Marissa informed her that Aunt Chelsea lives far away now "where it never snows".  Madalyn gets a sad face on and says, "I would hate to live where there was no snow because then you would never know when it was Christmas!"  HAHA
My smarty pants Marissa informed her that everyone knows what DAY it is on, December 25th, so even when you live where there is no snow, you won't miss it!  LOL
I love my girls!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm super excited about my newest project!  My sister in law is getting married this summer and Doug and I are in the wedding.  I wanted to get the girls matching dresses but we always struggle with finding nice dresses that are a good length and that match.  I've had this pattern sitting around for a while and I haven't had a chance to try it.  So now is the time!

 I'm going to make the jumper with the matching hat and little dollie from these two fabrics...

We have time and my mother in law said she would help me.  Once I finish up the bag that I need to get done for this weekend, I'll start thinking about getting the fabric for these :)  I'm super stoked!  
I'm also going to be making some curtains.  Doug and I talked this weekend and he really wants to put some up, but he wants me to make them, so I have to find some patterns that I like and start thinking about that as well.  Funny thing is, I got a text this morning from a friend wondering if I could make her some kitchen valances :)  I love learning and I love sewing so I'm so excited to be branching out from just the bags! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

You will just have to excuse me today...
I'm going through some serious horse withdrawal :(  

There!  I feel better now!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


As we go through life, many things "block" our way.  We feel trapped, depressed, and alone.  But time after time, God is there to pick us up, encourage us and get us back on our way.  I've been here many times.  I hate the feeling of having no way out.  I hate feeling alone.  Generally it overtakes my life no matter how long it lasts, and I struggle to find my feet.  Every time I reach the other side, I'm frustrated with myself when I'm "shocked" that God saw me through.  He always does, so why am I surprised?  I know sometimes I'll take a step in faith and then when I don't get the reassurance I "need", I get frustrated that the Lord isn't helping me out.  I'm selfish and impatient and I want things to go my way, in my time.  Thats all it comes down to.  
This morning I had a huge encouragement sent my way and it didn't even really concern me.  I was talking to a friend of mine who was just have a down day.  Things are getting tight and the walls feel like they are closing.  I tried to encourage her, knowing that I have been there before I HATE that feeling!  But I do know that God is faithful and its always easier to tell someone else that than to tell yourself that :) .  About an hour after we had that conversation, she called me to tell me she got called into work.  God knew she needed some encouragement and I was seriously blessed to see Him working and letting her know that He was walking right there with her.  Seriously it made my day.  I serve an awesome God and throughout the bad times and the good times, He remains faithful!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's time...

I'm not usually one to do New Year's Resolutions...
However, I guess this year I kind of am!
I'm sick of feeling not myself.  It's time to get back on the band wagon and start working out again.  My knee has been behaving itself lately and I thought I could get away with working out again, especially if I worked out with my brace on.  I started back exercising on the 11th and so far its going well.  The first day back at it was rough but the rest haven't been bad at all!   I have had good luck with Jillian in the past and so I'm sticking with her.  I have these two DVD's.  I started with the 30 day shred and then I'm going to the 6 week 6 pack after that.   

Wish me luck!  :)  
I have to say I'm very much missing Amanda, my work out partner.  :(  Wish you were here!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Answered Prayers!

Here are a couple more Christmas pictures....
Mom and Dad opening their gift from Jonathan and Liz....

 Now if you are like me, you just got lost in those pictures.  I was there and I had no idea what was going on!  I heard Dad say, "Wait, you guys?"  And then everyone started crying and I got it!  My twin brother is going to be a daddy!  Jonathan and Liz have been waiting for a while for God to bless them with a little one for over two years, however He deemed right.  I know it hasn't been an easy road for them, but it's so rewarding to see the Lord answer the prayers of so many! :)  I'm so excited for them and can't wait to meet my new neice or nephew (or maybe it will be nieceS or nephewS)  :)  
Love you guys!
In case you need an explanation of the picture, each of the sets of handprints is one of Mom and Dad's kids.  Jonathan's family is first, then mine, then my little brother Caleb's and then Chelsea's.  The little green handprints are the babies handprints that are due to arrive...Jonathan and Liz's says  Due Summer 2013 and Caleb and Cristale's says Due February 2013 :)  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Disney On Ice!

Quite a few months back we got a flyer in the mail with our Disney Movie Club monthly promotion and it had a promotional code for Disney on Ice.  Doug and I talked about taking the girls, but were a little concerned with the amount of money and the quality of it.  Would it be worth it, would the girls like it?  Well we talked to a lot of people and everyone said we wouldn't regret it so we decided to go for it.  Let me tell you, it was probably the coolest thing we have ever done with the girls and we loved every minute of it!  It was totally worth the money and I would recommend anyone thinking about it to go!  P.S.  Kudos to Blogger for allowing 158ish pictures and 4 videos to be uploaded to ONE blog post :)  LOL  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know I have issues!  

Madalyn and I snuck a peak at the ice while we were waiting for everyone else.
Kenny, Laurie, and Doug's parents joined us for the trip.

The ice was so beautiful!

Waiting patiently :)

From here on out, everything is pretty self explanatory, so enjoy!  :)  
Don't forget to pause my radio player before you watch the videos.


Finding Nemo

Beauty and the Beast

Gaston was just out and the beast and him had their fight scene...

And he jumped up from that position as a prince and then Belle came back out in her yellow dress!  

A bunch of the princesses

Toy Story

"It's a small world"

The "Electrical Parade"


"M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E"

Naughty Stitch


Naughty Stitch again


We all loved the snow effect with this story

The "Incredibles"!

Fast Dash

Stretchy Mom

By far the girls favorite :  Lion King!

Saying Goodbye

She waved goodbye to them all!  (Marissa was too cool for that ;)

The closer seats got to interact a little bit with some of the skaters.  This little girl was beside herself when Jesse came up to her!  I thought she was going to end up on the ice!