Friday, January 30, 2015

The girls...

My girls are the best :)
This morning I got up with a lot to do.  Dishes were backed up, the house is in need of a good cleaning, I needed a shower, 2 kids needed to be homeschooled, 2 extra kids were getting dropped off...So when Doug left I got right to work.  The girls woke up early, around 6am and asked if they could help!  The three of us started on our pile and I bet we had them all done in 10 minutes, including washing, drying and putting them all away.  A job that would have taken me at least 20-30 minutes was cut way down.  I'm so grateful!  By the time my extra kids arrived, I was showered, the girls were ready for school and were sitting down, and both bathrooms were clean.  
They are a huge help with the kids that I have, never complaining about a job that needs to be done.  Now granted, the baby is going to be spoiled rotten if things keep going the way they are because all she has to do is peep and one if them is at her side ;)  
That's it for today...I have a fun blog post planned for Monday, but for now, I'm off to finish cleaning and take pictures for Monday!  I hope you all have an awesome weekend and stay warm!  Doug said it was supposed to be -40 on Saturday!  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Your Going to Miss This....

I love my job!  It can be really tough, but over all its so rewarding.  Watching the girls learn and mature is awesome.  I'm so thankful that I've been given the job of being their mom and given the opportunity to stay home to raise them.  I love it and count it a huge blessing.  I realized the other day that I've been a mom for just shy of 10 years, a teacher for 5 years, and a babysitter for 8 years.  I love every second of it.  God has been so gracious to me!  We have our rough days don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!  
I can't get over how fast time flies!  After watching those videos yesterday, it is even more evident.  This morning as I was getting Doug out the door and then getting the kids ready for school and preparing for my extra little ones, I realized that I take things for granted all too often.  I get tired and just can't wait for______, and I fill in the blank.  I'm going to regret thinking like that some day!  As thankful as I am for my job, its tiring!  I only get this job for so long though...and then everything changes.  I'm going to strive to just stop and enjoy each moment.  They won't be here long.  I've learned to not take Doug for granted because of his schedule, but I regret all the time I took him for granted when he was here all the time before he took this job.  I don't want to wait until the girls are gone before I realize I shouldn't be taking them for granted either!  
Ok, now that I have my cry in for the day....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The winter is catching up to me and I'm having a loss of blogs these days.  We have been doing a lot of looking back at old videos and pictures.  Time sure does fly!  I can't believe they used to be this little!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we have been!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A much needed buddy

Although I LOVE it when we have an awesome weekend, it makes the next week drag.  Especially at night after the girls are in bed and Doug is gone, the house just has this loneliness to it.  Molly is pretty awesome though.  She climbed up on the couch and passed out like this.  
Then Chloe jumped up and slept in between my legs.  Who needs blankets when you have dogs? ;) 
I almost hated to move them to go to bed.  I love my furry kiddos!

Monday, January 26, 2015

A late blog...

 This morning has been one of those mornings...
I am so tired of slow internet.  I finally have a somewhat decent speed, but its taken me a good amount of time to get there.  I usually get up early and write my posts because my kids aren't up yet and I don't have any extra kids.  But this morning when I got up to no internet, it kind of threw that plan right out the window.  I'm typing this currently while trying to get my extra kiddo to sleep on my lap ;)

So anyhow, onto today :)
We had a GREAT weekend!  I'm sooo thankful for my family.

From Doug, to the girls, down to the dogs and cat, they are all amazing!  Doug and I started out Saturday morning talking.  I'm blessed with a great communicator, and although we talk during the week, it isn't always a really good talk.  It was nice to get caught up with that.  We had an awesome family day with the kids...played some games, watched some movies.  It was great.  Sunday we had church, followed by some family time and then a movie night in bed.  
I'm just so thankful!  The girls are so good and helpful and go with the flow so well with all the different changes we have had.  God has really blessed me and I'm so undeserving!  

I should add in here that this picture, although I love it, is making my itch to get back in the camper even WORSE!  We aren't even halfway :(  

Friday, January 23, 2015


Doug was off yesterday for a dentist appointment and I completely forgot about my blog post!  OOPS!!!  I'm surprised I didn't get called out on Facebook or a Text because of it. :)  We had a good day anyhow.  The kids did a light day of school, I babysat, then we had a nice meal and played a game of Royal Rummy.  

One of the biggest struggles of Doug being gone the majority of the time is finding time to do things.  Things like dentist appointments require an entire day off in order to take care of it.  Hair cuts are another thing.  We have an awesome hair dresser that will cut his hair on the weekend, but with us flat out most of the time, even that is tough.  It's either he doesn't have the time to go because we have somewhere else to go, or he doesn't feel like going because all he does is go and he just wants to sit home.  
So the other night he came home and I told him he really needed to make an appointment.  I can't remember if I offered or he asked if I could just try trimming it this time, to get him through till he could go.  So I broke out the spray bottle, scissors and clippers.  I was very nervous, but in the end I think it turned out ok!  
His hair isn't the easiest to cut, and it took forever to accomplish.  I'm pleased with it though and happy that we didn't have to end up shaving it which was what he said he would just do if I butchered it!  LOL  
So thankful its Friday!  I hope you all have a great week!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning!  We have had a week of really early mornings and it starts really catching up after about the 3rd one!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This dog is crazy ;)  LOL  
So just a little back story....Chloe used to barely ever eat.  She would pick at her food here and there and maybe consume a cups worth in a weeks time.  That all changed when we fixed her.  She never ACTS like she is hungry, very rarely asks for her breakfast or dinner, but will NEVER turn down food that is offered to her.  
Fast forward to the other day.  She knows that she is not allowed to touch Molly's dish and is generally pretty good about it.  However, Molly doesn't always finish all her meals.  We try to make it a point to pick up her dish if it still has food in it before we leave the house because even if there is 3 cups of food in there (Chloe normally eats a 1/2 cup of food in an entire day), Chloe will clear the whole dish.  
So I left the house and totally forgot that Molly had not finished her breakfast.  She probably had about a cup and a half worth of food left in her dish.  We left, were gone for about 3 hours, and came back to finding a little bit of poop in the house.  She NEVER does that unless she has gotten into Molly's food.  It's like she needs to make room so that has to go kind of thing.  Anyhow, it dawned on me then that we never picked that up.  So I scolded her like I always do, took care of the pile and left it alone.  I was kind of surprised there wasn't piles of puke around, because that is the norm, but I didn't find anything.
....till a while later!  That stinkin' dog had hid all her piles all over the house.  Under blankets, behind boxes, behind doors, behind clothes baskets, behind bookshelves.... OH MY GOODNESS!  Last night at 8:30 while putting the kids to bed, I'm still finding hidden piles!  
Which tells me that she totally knew what she was doing.  She knew she shouldn't eat it and knew she would be in trouble so therefore "hid" her dog food filled puke in places I wouldn't look!  Molly ended up nosing around and led me to most of the piles.  I couldn't help but laugh. 
 ...And people say dogs are dumb!  Whatever!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm not usually one that rushes any season.  I pretty much love them all!  I'll admit I don't care for the 20 below zero days very much, but overall, I love my winter months as much as I love my summer.  However, this year I feel like winter is dragging by.  It may have something to do with the fact that I CAN NOT WAIT to get the camper back on the road and do some more road trips.  About 3 more months!  I'm itching to get in it again :)  I going to try be patient and enjoy the days of cold that we have.  I hate wishing away seasons.  
Patience is a virtue right?  LOL  
Anyhow, that is where my head is at today :)  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Great weekend!

We had an awesome weekend!
It was one of those weekends where not much got accomplished, but it felt good to not be running a mile a minute.
I have been feeling off the past few days so it was nice to not have to worry about being somewhere or doing something.  We watched a few movies and just enjoyed each other's company.  After a weekend like that, sending Doug off to work always stinks, but thankfully he will be home tonight! :)

We have been working on both dogs to sit and wait their turn to be let in the house.  Molly has picked it up so fast!  Granted she is younger and Chloe has years of just being let in.  This morning I let the two of the in from outside into the garage.  Molly immediately planted in on the floor, Chloe went right to the house door hoping to sneak in.  I told her to back it up, which she did, but I look up to see Molly backing it up as well.  She ended up all the way over by the car.  LOL  She cracks me up.  She is currently watching Curious George with the girls while they eat breakfast.  HAHA

So thankful for the family God has blessed me with!  Looking forward to a new week!  I hope you all have an awesome day!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snow Fun!

Last Saturday, the girls wanted to go outside and play.  It was on the colder side, but Doug and I sucked it up and out we went as a family.  Shortly after getting out there, they decided they wanted to build a tunnel.  Now, this is an odd year for us in the sense that we really have no snow.  I told the girls we couldn't do it...we had to wait till we got more snow.  Daddy, however, set to work.  He practically shoveled the whole front yard to get the snow to build this fort of the kids.  We all worked together on it till we got it big enough so that they could play in there and not be too cramped.  He even snowblowed them a driveway when he did the driveway the next time!  He is such a great daddy!

They absolutely love it!  Next on the list is to eat lunch in there I guess.  One of these days I'll have to let them do it so I can be on their good list ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Youth Group Outing

For the month of January, we met at the Lowville Ice Skating Rink....followed by pizza and a devotional at the conference room at the Vet Clinic.  We had a great turn out...14 teens!  Everyone seemed to have fun, although we did have a few rough spots.  It was free skate that night so we had a few issues with some other kids picking fights with our group...swearing, making fun of them, etc.  
I'm proud of our kids.  They maintained a good testimony, stuck together, and stood up for each other and the Lord when needed.  In the end I think this was one of our best youth group meetings yet!  The kids really bonded over our pizza and devotional and really opened up to the group.  I'm excited for the next meeting!
Here are some pictures of our night.  I'm not sure that I got everyone in pictures...we should have done a group shot, but I didn't think about it till I was writing this.  After our group got to its full size it was kind of hard to keep track of all the kids.  They started blending in with all the others going around....but you will get the idea anyhow ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Disney on Ice 2015

We had the privilege of taking the girls to see Disney on Ice again.  We brought Mike and his boys with us this time.  The boys were a little unsure of it at first, but I think everyone had fun!

Before the show started, these guys came out on the ice and threw boomerangs around.  
They looked like a lot of fun!

Lights out = show time!

The stars of the show :)

I love this picture :)

It's Mater!

And Lightning McQueen!  

These cars were awesome because they really moved quick and their eyes went up and down just like they did on the movie.  I think they were all remote least that was Doug's guess.  Which I thought was really impressive.


I loved the sea horse :)

And the little orange dragon looking fish


Tinkerbell :)  The girls loved this one!

They did a great job capturing the characters from the Tinkerbell movie.

Doug spent most of the showing watching one of the sound guys ;)  
He really got into the show and was hard not to watch!

Toy Story 3 :)

The girls loved Ham because he kept dropping money out on the ice :)

I could not get over how plastic he looked...I'm still not sure if he is wearing a full head mask or if that is makeup...

Ken was the same way...both him and Barbie kept their hands so stiff just like the dolls are.  
Very cool!

Woody flying :)

The scary daycare kids!

Andy reminded us of our nephew Ashton...grown up a little obviously :)

What a great show!  I can't imagine the work that goes in behind this.  I would love to go behind the scenes and see it all!  If you ever get the chance to go, GO!  
Its well worth it!