Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dance Moves

Doug came home Monday night and the girls were in the mood to have some fun with their Daddy :)
They were too cute together :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Glitter Grapes :)

A friend of mine posted this on her blog and I asked if I could "steal" it!  I love the idea and they are super easy sounding! 
 This is what she had to say...

Grapes, that taste like candy and aren't bad for you!  It's like candy!!!  These take about 5 minutes to make, but warning---they don't last long!

You need:

Seedless grapes
1 package of Jello (any flavor that you wish)
1 Ziplock bag

Rinse your grapes really well.  They have to be wet!  Pour about half the jello powder (you can use the other half when needed, its just better to start with half because it gels up eventually) into a ziplock bag.  Put a handful of grapes into it and shake it up to coat each grape.  Once you're done coating all the grapes, place in a bowl in the fridge and let them sit for about an hour.  Then enjoy a little taste of awesomeness!!!!

I can't wait to try these!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Staying cool :)

 When I heard that we were supposed to have a heat index of 110 degrees on Wednesday, I knew with 4 kiddos in the house I was going to have to find someway to cool them or it was going to be a miserable day.  Although I love the heat, they just seem to get cranky :)  LOL  So the day started out the way it should...
Breakfast straight from the bag, chilled out on the couch, watching some PBS kids :)

 After Gabby and Lucas arrived, I packed up the car and we headed to meet Katie and Zoe at Ager Falls to enjoy the Moose River.

Madalyn was perfectly happy to watch "her" tadpoles.  

The girls and Chloe 

Excuse the Case tail 

He is one great looking boy...especially since he turns 9 in a couple weeks!


Where did she go?

I didn't think Case would ever stop playing fetch 

Madalyn and one her tadpoles...although its close to being a frog because it has back legs and only a TINY tail.

She wanted to bring him home!

She was so big in the water.  She didn't think she needed any help.

Gabby and Lucas (and Lucas' buddy)

The girls and their dirt -- no surprise there!

If you pay attention, almost every picture that Lucas is in, Chloe isn't far!

Waving for Mommy :)

She likes the dirt too!  She kept trying to feed me with her shovel :)


I'm not sure where he is going with that wagon!

Drying off and taking a break.

Supervising with Aunt Sarah

LOL, I think she scrapped her foot on a rock.

Everyone had a blast!  I'm kinda surprised I didn't have 4 sleeping kids and 2 sleeping dogs on the way home.  A few of them were gone not long after I got home though!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Saturday evening, Madalyn really wanted to go riding.  
Marissa was passed out, so Mommy had to stay inside with her in case she woke up. 

Since Madalyn is riding on 4 wheels and getting around pretty good, Daddy got the treat of riding with her.  He is dying to have all 4 of us riding together so this gave him a little look at what that is going to be like.  Madalyn was so proud!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday the girls decided to make a special piece of art for Daddy.  Afterall, Father's Day was the following day!  

They started out with some dirt from the garden and some water.  A little mixing and patting....

 And a little more!
 And then it was set!
 In goes one foot!

 Love the look :)
 Madalyn's decorated footprints
 Madalyn's decorated handprints
 And now Marissa's turn
 More mixing and patting
 Marissa's handprints
 Marissa's footprints
 Both sets of prints.  
Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!