Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Birthday from Family :)

Before I forget to mention it...the blanket Madalyn keeps wrapping herself up in was made for her bed in the camper by Grandma Benedict.  She picked the colors out and Grandma got right to work.  She is fast!  I need to get a picture of both the girls with their blankets.  For right now they are being stored here in the house, until we get the camper back and when they want to lay on the floor to watch a movie or take a nap, its the first blankets they grab!  They love them and can't wait to use them in the camper!  
(Hopefully sooner rather than later)  

I was bad on getting the camera out first thing in the morning and didn't get pictures, but Grandma and Aunt Laurie came down and brought Madalyn her blanket and cards and added to her birthday stash for something big to purchase as well :)  She can't wait to spend it, but "doesn't want to waste it" so she is thinking hard of something special. :)

Now onto the evening festivities....We waited for Daddy to get home from work to do presents and cake so the lighting is a little off since it was evening and we don't have good lighting in our living room. Anyhow, Grandma and Grandpa came down to join in, too and helped us eat some cake ;) 
Of course we had to do presents first....she had been so patient all day!

She was very excited about the black rubber bands!

She had never seen Zinkies before ;)

I love this picture!

Madalyn and Grandma were figuring out the "house" together :)

See how little they are?  She is holding one in her hand!

The set came with a magnifying glass and a pair of "pliers" so you could place the animals easier!  I couldn't believe how little they were!

Marissa said we had to sing with the lights off.  I wasn't going to upload this video because its so dark, but the candles look so cool!

Orange Jello Cake :)

I can't believe my little peanut is 7!  I know you always say it feels like yesterday but it really does.  We pulled out one of her preemie outfits that she was swimming in when we brought her home from the NICU and showed it to her.  Absolutely crazy!  I'm so thankful that today I have a healthy, growing, full of spunk, yet tender and loving little girl!  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Birthday from Friends :)

This first set is from Aunt Cari, Uncle Stefan, Jamie, Madison and Bubby...

Aunt Cari asked Madalyn what she wanted for her birthday and she said "Squinkies"

So Aunt Cari got her "Twinkies" ;)

And of course she couldn't find Squinkies in the store anymore anyhow so she got her a kit that makes glow in the dark power balls. 

Love her expressions in these pictures!

Then Aunt Katie and Zoe came to spoil her....

She has never seen Squinkies with hair before!

And Hello Kitty Squinkies!

Zoe is so excited with her!  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finally getting to Madalyn....

Madalyn's birthday morning started out just like Marissa's :)  (Only a little later in the day)
By the time we got to it, Cari was at the house and Madalyn asked her if she would stay and have it with us.  

I must say, its so awesome that I have the opportunity to pass on a tradition like this that my mom has been doing since she was a kid.  I'm not sure if Grandma did it as well, or if she started it.  I guess I'll have to find that out.  The girls absolutely love it and look forward to it every year!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day...

I've been MIA from the internet for the weekend.  Enjoying time with my family.... time I may not have been able to spend if it hadn't been for those individuals that fought for my freedom and continue to do so.  Yesterday as we spent a day away from home at a state park with some family, I found myself wondering how many families are not together today because they have loved ones who went out and fought for us, but never came home?  I know this should have gone up yesterday, but I didn't want to let it slide past without putting a heartfelt THANK YOU out there to everyone who lost a loved one for me.  Thank you doesn't begin to cover it.   

Friday, May 23, 2014

One more birthday post....

I'm getting there, I'm getting there ;)  
We met at the park with Katie, Zoe, Cari, and Toby last week for some fun in the sun.  
 Aunt Katie also brought Marissa a birthday gift.  Zoe was so cute, she was all excited and kept saying, "Say thank you to Zoe!"  LOL

Marissa is now busy at work on her projects.  A post on that later!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bike Riding....We Officially Have TWO Big Girls Now!!!

Amazing what a week can do!  Last week we were in dealing with tears and bike riding...this week, Madalyn is begging to ride any chance she gets!  She can now start, stop and balance all on her own!  I'm so proud of her and SOOOO thankful that I am done teaching kids how to ride on two wheels.  I'd rather teach 10 more kids how to read!  LOL

I was so proud watching all 4 kids ride their bikes around and around in circles, watching for each other and being as careful as they could.  Considering we had 3 newbies on bikes out there and then Marissa, I think they all did amazing!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The simple things...

We got a lot accomplished at home while Doug was off.  He loaded up some tires and seats he had at the house....or at least he tried.  The kids had a BLAST rolling tires all over.  LOL

Haylie and her napping buddy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family Time at the Utica Zoo

Major picture you expect anything less from me?

We have never been to the Utica Zoo.  We talked about going to Syracuse, but thought with it being a Wednesday with church and then Molly being left, we didn't want to be gone quite that long.  So we decided to try a new place.  We really enjoyed ourselves and definitely wouldn't hesitate to go back!

We loved this little guy!  I never realized how cute a porcupine is!

He looks like he is having a bad hair day ;)

We came back to this guy a few times but he was soaking up the sun, enjoying his nap!

The emus chased us and were NOT nice at all!

The donkey was sweet!  

He is so sleepy he couldn't keep his lip up!

This male was strutting his stuff for his ladies!  So pretty.  I never realized till we saw him that they shake the feathers that are behind these big ones and they actually make noise.

I've never seen a white peacock before.  He was fighting with another male.

So amazing!  

They look soooo soft

The sea lions!

Marissa had to get her picture taken with the snake :/

These guys were really fun to watch...but even funnier to listen to. After we walked away and were up looking at the lions, we thought there were a bunch of kids trying to get them going.  But it wouldn't stop, so we went back just to see and nope, the noise was all them!  

I couldn't get a super clear picture of these guys but they are so cute!

I love Zebras!  So pretty!

Another cute tiny monkey!

We all got our pictures taken with the Utica Zoo sign 
and I think Madalyn photo bombed them all! ;)

One portion of the zoo animals are on exhibit on this nature trail.  It was our favorite part!

Some of the wolves in this exhibit were tough to find!

Like this one!  We are zoomed in quite a bit and you can still barely see him!

Another soft looking kitty....

We happened to catch this guy enjoying a snack on our walk!

Time to play at the park for a bit...

Waiting for the sea lion show...

I couldn't get over the size difference between the males and females.  She was actually older than he was.  I think the males were 800 on average and the females were 160 or something like that!  They are hoping she is bred!  So exciting!

We haven't done anything like this in a long time!  Such an awesome day!