Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Together again!

After a long two weeks, we are together!  
Doug has 3 comp days to make up for the time he was gone. 
So please excuse the lack of blogs for the next couple of days...but we are spending time together! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

More company...

Megan brought Lily over to play with the puppies and hang out for a bit!  That means we got to see Olivia again and I got to talk to Megan a bit more about the changes to expect in the girls for the coming school year.  I always enjoy our visits.  Some of these pictures were taken while Lily and I were downstairs seeing the puppies, and the rest of them were taken with Lily hanging out by me...I promise she was there :)

Jubilee was SUPER excited to hold the baby!

She is a natural for sure :)

She loves her little ones ;)

I LOVE this picture!

Thank you to each and every person that thought about us this week and helped keep us company to make the time fly by a little quicker!  You are all very appreciated!

Friday, August 26, 2016

God sure is good!

Most of you know that Doug has been out of town (Colorado and New Mexico to be exact) for the last two weeks.  God orchestrated everything just as He always does.  See He knew that the weekend would be my hardest couple days, so He made sure that I would be busy!  Before I ever even knew what weeks Doug would be gone, I agreed to take my best friend's 4 kiddos for a couple days.  It just so happened that it was that same weekend.  It also was the same timing that I have 11 puppies!  It was a little crazy at times, but overall, it went really smooth!  Here are some pictures of our adventures :)

They LOVE to color and draw...

...and play make believe

Chase is a great game as well!  This kept these two busy for about an hour...

Sunday I was a little worried about how I was going to have time to accomplish everything that needed to be done AND get out of the house on time.  Again God saw us through and we started our morning at 6am.  We had no problems getting out on time!  They all looked so cute so we had to get a picture before we walked out the door :)

I'm so thankful that the 6 of them get along SOOOO well!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

11 pups :)

For the past week, we have been helping out a friend by keeping her 11 lab puppies while she was seeing her boys off to college.  Doug built a great enclosure in our basement to contain them when we weren't down there.  We have had some friends over to help us wear them out throughout the week.  It takes a good amount of time to wear 11 of them out, let me just tell you!

But they sure are cute :)

We are not in the market and probably never will be for a lab, but this is my pick of the litter...whoever is getting her is getting a pretty awesome pup.  Her personality is AMAZING!

I love this picture!

Who knew how entertaining sand toys can be!  LOL

Too cute!


...and we did it :)

 They will sleep for a whole...oh I don't know... 2 hours???