Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas plans???

What are your Christmas plans this year?  
Doug has Friday - Monday off so we are heading to my parents house tonight and spending a few days there.  My brother and sister in law from Buffalo area will be there, along with my sister and her boyfriend, and my sister in law and nephew.  I'm anxious to see everyone!  We are taking up a project to do with the family - a gingerbread barn kit!  I couldn't resist!  

Saturday, sometime during the afternoon, we will head for home and as long as things go as planned, we will head to our Christmas Eve service at church.  Sunday morning, we will wake up a little early and do stockings, head to church, then come back to do the rest of Christmas.  
I can't wait till tonight - 4 whole days with my husband!  

What do you have planned???

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
I look forward to all the Christmas pictures later :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random post and pictures of the kiddos :)

We are doing well here in the North Country.  The cold has held off much longer this year than it has ever before (since I have lived here that is).  I'm not complaining, since I will be the one in charge of keeping the driveway clean during the week this year as Doug is gone.  It would be nice to have a white Christmas and the kids are dying to go sledding!  :)  
No real news on the house front.  We have had someone come and see it and were very interested in the place and then we had an open house following.  No real bites yet though.  His timing is perfect and I rest in that truth!   
A few days ago I was getting the girls ready for the day and I got specific instructions from Madalyn to do her hair like this.  I don't know where she got the idea from as I have never put her hair up like this.  It was cute though, so I had to nab a picture!

Then I had to take one of Marissa at her desk, doing her school work.  I can't believe how grown up she is!

While Doug is gone during the week I try to fill up my days best I can.  I have started babysitting during the day.  I had a two year old here for a while but his Mom got laid off so that ended.  Now I have a 3 month old baby boy named Josiah.  Sooo cute!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Way over due!

November 10th was Doug's birthday.  He took a personal day on Friday so he was actually home for his birthday in the evening.  Plans however didn't go as we desired.  Doug called me around 3 or 4 telling me that he was in the hospital with kidney stones.  Thankfully my brother and sister in law were already on their way to our house and had to pass through the town where he was at.  Once he was released they headed for home but it was late by that point in time so all birthday plans went out the window.  Besides the fact that he wasn't feeling the greatest :(  Poor guy!  I did have our Pastor's wife make him a cake and remembered to take a picture of it.  It was perfect!  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are skipping out on actually sending out Christmas cards this year.  However, thanks to Blogger, you can still get yours! :)  Merry Christmas!!!!

Pictures of our decorations will be going up soon I promise. 
 I loaned out my camera and the pictures are on there!