Thursday, April 30, 2009

A day at the barn with us!

     Ever wonder what we spend our days doing now that its nice?  We spend ALOT of time up at the barn.  Here are a few pictures from the other day. 
Not sure what she was showing me
Off to help Daddy fix fence
Being Madalyn
At least she won't get burned!
Marissa getting head start
"See Mom, I stole Marissa's hat!"
My sexy farmer!
Marissa taking care of "her" cows
Marissa and "her" bull calf...she informed Dad that he couldn't sell him and that she could take care of him all by herself and do a great job!

Taking a break...

This is the heifer barn
Inside the heifer barn

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm on a roll!

   I'm trying to do better with the camera can you tell?  My goal is to get it out everyday...we will see how long that lasts.  I'm hoping to take it to the barn with me tomorrow and show you around there.  I got sick of the girls bangs this week so we are growing them out.  Wasn't sure how I liked it at first, but I love it now.  Madalyn's hair is so easy going, but Marissa's bangs were driving both of us nuts!  Enjoy the pictures!  Hopefully we will have more in the next day or two. 

Climbing up
My Camera Girl
Love this picture of her
I love this one of Marissa
To busy watching Daddy and Uncle Rich cutting
wood to pay attention to what she is doing...

Good one
Being silly again

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pictures and an update on us...

     I know, I know its been forever.  Before I get started on us, I just posted a prayer request below this post so check that out too.  

     Hmm, where to start!  There isn't a lot new on the home front.  Things have started to pick up a bit more on the farm, so we all have been spending more time up there... which reminds me I need to take my camera up with me so I can photograph the kids with "their cows".  Doug is off next week so we spend a lot more time up there with him during that time.  I'll make sure and take the camera with me then.  I'm still in shock of how much I love the barn being as I'm a "horse chick".  It doesn't get much better than the weeks Doug feeds and the 4 of us are at the barn together every morning...I love it!  I pray everyday that we can pull through these tough financial times and have the farm for years to come.  I can't believe how much the barn has changed in the past year.  We have so many new heifers coming up through its not even funny.  Last summer when we were doing heifer chores to help out, I was taking care of about 8 calves tops.  We have over 20 now, 6 of which are bulls.  We are not getting anything for them at the sales so we are holding onto them for a bit.  Hopefully prices come up soon and we can start sending them again.  

     The girls... where to start...!  My babies are growing up.  Its hitting me pretty hard lately as their birthdays are both approaching quickly... which reminds me I need to go shopping!  Marissa has turned into such a sweetie.  Not that she hasn't always been... but she is so caring and nurturing the older she gets.  She has a HUGE heart and she is a HUGE animal lover.  She tried convincing me the other morning that we need 2 more dogs.  Daddy has Case and she has Chloe, but Madalyn and I need our own dogs.  HAHA... in her dreams!  Every time we have a sick cow at the barn she just wants to go in and sit with her, petting her and making sure she is comfy... no matter how big or small the cow is.  She has "her jobs" at the barn and does them all happily and well.  When she walks into the milking barn, all she has to do is say one word and the six kittens in there coming running.  She sits down and lets them climb all over her, being careful to spend time cuddling each one of them.  She is an awesome big sister and 9 times out of 10, her and Madalyn get along great.  She is always calling Madalyn "her little sweetie".  She is just such a doll and I look forward to each day I get to stay home and soak in her sweetness.  Then there is Madalyn... where to start!  Madalyn is her daddy's clone from what I have been told!  She is the more fearless, independent kid I have EVER met!  Which totally shocks me seeing as 6 months ago she was still nursing and very attached.  She spent the first few months in a sling or swaddled so she felt secure.  She might have needed a little extra love and attention to get going but she is golden now!  She isn't naughty, its just she has NO FEAR!  Therefore, screen doors have to be locked so she doesn't walk to the barn ( you think I'm kidding don't you!),  she has to be always in my sites at the barn or she will just crawl right in a big pen of full grown cows and not blink twice.  She also loves the animals and spending time at the barn, but more than that she just plain adores her big sister.  Marissa is the apple of her eye and you can just see her trying to mimic her every move.  She is still a cuddler especially when she is tired and I take advantage of it as often as I can, since I know it won't last forever.  She is still VERY attached to puppy although we are trying to limit him a bit.  During the day I try to keep both of them in her bed.  If they are just laying around she will grab one up and sit down with her thumb, but if she doesn't see it she won't think about it till she is tired and needs him, or hurt and then he fixes all problems.  She has grown up so much.  We still have some rough days here and there on the whole potty thing, but over all she is trained.  Her vocabulary for being almost 2 is out of this world.  Marissa has a lot to do with that.  If she repeats something Marissa says and doesn't say it well enough, Marissa will have her keep repeating it until she gets it "right".  Surprisingly she will keep trying until Marissa is satisfied.  I love these two girls more than the world and am so appreciative that my husband works so hard to give me the privilege to stay home with them each day.  I thank God and pray that He continues to bless our finances so that I can continue to do so even through these economic hard times.  

     Doug and I are doing well.  It has been beautiful here lately and we have been spending a lot of time outside.  We got a wood splitter a few weeks ago so we have a good head start on the wood already.  I'm really hoping we can get it all in this year.  We have almost half of what we had in last year already so I'm thinking we will.  We are hoping to not have to buy wood this year.  We still have quite a pile outside and there are still 2 trees at the barn that have not been touched.  If Dad doesn't take them this year we are going to.  There are a bunch of trees that either need to come down around the fields or that fell this year due to one reason or another.  So Doug is going to get as much as we can around here and hopefully alleviate that bill.  Doug has the garden tilled and ready to plant.  We are expanding this year and hoping to cut down on the grocery bill some more.  Every little bit helps.  Did I mention how much I LOVE my husband!  Never in my wildest dreams did a picture my life being this perfect.  Doug and I are an awesome team.  We work well together both in and outside the home.  He is such a comfort when I am down and an encouragement when I'm frustrated.  He works hard to provide for our family and yet when he comes home he still takes time for the girls and his wife.  I can tell him anything and everything and he always makes me feel better.  We are approaching 5 years this year and I can't wait to spend another 5 with him if the Lord taries.  

     Okay, enough talking, onto the pictures!  I still have not gotten the Easter pictures done yet.  I got all set up to do them one morning, had Marissa all dressed and Madalyn started when the phone rang.  Ended up being on there longer than I wanted and when I was done Marissa was dirty and the dress and tights needed to be washed again.  Did I mention I do NOT have girly girls!  Haha!!!  I'm hoping they get up in enough time to work on them this morning, but we will see.  Here are the pictures from this month so far...I say that and then realize this month is just about gone!  I have been slacking so bad!!!

Big Cheese!
"Come on Marissa, Cheese!"
Nice one
Just Madalyn
Marissa and "her best friend"
Silly girl
I'm not sure what all the goofy faces and head tilts was about today
Pic says it all
Passed out

A different day and passed out again
Even Case was shot... Chloe is under the couch passed out also
Daddy had a rough day...
... so he put the girls to work 
"Mommy, we are working, stop taking pictures please!"
I had to include this one!  This is Katie, my best friend.  I can't say enough about this girl... love her to pieces!!!
Jack on one of our walks... he got hung up in a stick, not sure if you can tell or not.
Closer pic of the stuck puppy
Case going for a swim in the freezing water
Bonnie joined us on our hike... she is another mom to me!
"Whoo Hoo!"
And she is off!
My adventurous puppy
Not sure what she is after...
... but in she goes
Out on the other side
Jack doing some checking out
I LOVE this pic...Jack and Chloe are going to make some good looking puppies
Aunt Laurie and Madalyn spending some cuddle time
I told her the other day I needed more pictures of her... she might live right down the road but I only have like 4 pictures of her.

Hanging out by the water
Ok, don't press charges!  This is what happens when your kid has to pee in the woods and they are girls!  She will kill me for this shot some day!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I'll do my best to get those Easter pictures up soon.  Its 7:30 on Sunday morning and we need to get ready for church so I'm guessing its not going to happen today, but we will see.