Monday, March 30, 2009

I know I just posted but...

I just sat down on the couch next to Case and went to 
pet him and realized he felt funny.  I looked at his head in horror...wasn't sure at first if he had something or what was going on.  I must have made a noise or something because Marissa asked what was wrong.  I told her something was wrong with Case's head and side.  She informed he he had to much hair so she climbed up on the hutch and got the scissors this morning and gave him and Chloe a hair cut.  I don't see any bald spots on Chloe so she must have done a better job on her than she did Case.  ***I take it back, I found her spots, although they didn't photograph as well as Case's did***Poor guy...I hope the hair grows back!  Kids!  The scissors have now been moved to the top shelf in my bedroom closet...I'm pretty sure even if she got a chair she couldn't get them.  And I thought I had baby proofed my house already...HA!

Update on us...

I know its been a while... seems like we have been running and spending a bunch of time at the barn lately.  I have a huge praise!  Remember a month or maybe a little less I blogged about Madalyn and the pen incident?  Well on Friday I finally checked it again and it is totally healed.  She has a tiny bump back in there, scar tissue I'm guessing, but nothing you would ever notice if you weren't looking for something.  I was so excited that it is healed and I don't have to worry about contacting her doctor and explaining why I didn't take her in to begin with.  What a load off my shoulders!  God is good!!!  Marissa and Madalyn have had a love hate relationship these days.  Some moments I would like to lock them both in separate rooms and let them scream and then other days I just can't get enough of watching them play so well together.  I suppose that is what I get for having two girls!  The last couple days have been awesome.  Madalyn is continuing to talk more so there is less screaming going on, which is so much nicer for Mommy's ears!  Lately they have both been huge copy cats.  Everything they see at the barn they then come home and re in-act (is that the right way to write that?).  Last Sunday my cow, Kid went into labor and the vet had to be called.  He ended up doing a c-section on her since the calf was way too big to pass through.  The bull calf ended up dying but it was as big as a 6 week old weaned calf!  Crazy!  Anyhow the girls got home and went in and got their doctor kit and their choice of animal victims and started "doing surgery".  So cute to listen to them try to talk and copy everything they saw.... well some might have not thought it was cute but I did!  Marissa is so curious and wants to learn how everything works and what everything is.  She is going to have quite the education and know exactly how everything at the barn works if the questions keep up!  I cut Madalyn's hair yesterday.  As much as I love her curly hair it is proving to be a touch more difficult to manage than Marissa's.  She has this mullet thing going on where her bottom half grows at 10x the speed of her top.  Her top finally made it down to a touch below her ears so I cut her bottom up to be even with the sides.  The nice thing about her hair being curly is that its harder to tell if I cut it crooked or not!  It looks cute and it just gave her a ton more curls now that its shorter.  It must feel weird to her though because she is always playing with it.  Tonight Doug and I have planned a "date night" after the girls go to bed.  Hopefully everything goes well at the barn so we can keep our "date".  Thursday Katie and Alex, some friends from church, are heading to Rochester for a wedding and I have offered to watch their Rat Terrier for them, so we will have another furry animal in the house until Saturday night.  Hopefully that goes well.  Other than that we should have a pretty quiet week.  Next week Doug starts feeding again and we are heading up north to my parents house on Friday and Saturday to see the whole family.  I can't wait!  I suppose I have rambled enough for one post!  Here are some pictures taken since my last post...ENJOY!

Madalyn thought Marissa made a good seat and it actually went over well. 
All smiles
Oops, over she goes!
Looks from all three girls...
Madalyn wants some of Marissa's cookie
Madalyn and some of the heifers
Marissa thought she should take a picture of Madalyn 
peeing with her pretty dress and new hair cut
Then she wanted me to take one of her
Marissa and Madalyn preparing to play horse
So cute...
Off she goes!
I contemplated running the video camera instead of pictures 
because Marissa was dying laughing the whole time she was moving!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Madalyn :(

She is going to give me a heart attack yet!  Last week she burned herself twice.  She burned herself the first time on the heater at the barn...she didn't realize it stayed hot for a while after you turned it off.  Towards the end of the week she got up on a chair that Marissa had pulled over and use to help me cook and then proceeded to lay her hand down on the burner that I had just taken a pan off of.  She is way too fast!  I can't keep up with her!  Tonight I was washing dishes and she was laying on the living room floor with her puppy talking and next thing I know she is screaming bloody murder.  So I run over and found her on the floor with a pen next to her and blood gushing from her mouth.  I ran her to the bathroom not having a clue what she had just done.  She started choking...I wasn't sure if she gouged a tooth out or what...figured out she was just choking on all the blood.  It finally stopped bleeding and I got a good look inside and immediately called Doug's mom and Doug.  She cut the back end of the roof of her mouth about a 1/8 to a 1/4 inch deep.  We called the Level 3 EMT with Turin Ambulance and he told us what to watch for, watch what we feed her and give her Tylenol for the pain.  He said unless it was deep enough to get to her soft palate there wasn't much they could do.  I feel like a HORRIBLE mom and I'm sick to my stomach!  She isn't even two yet and she is a walking accident.  I'm going to have my hands full this summer I have a feeling.  I should have known from her start on life that she wasn't going to take the easy road!  I just needed to vent!