Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daddy's helper...

...or child labor, whichever you choose to call it.   LOL!  Madalyn was a big helper today.  She heard Daddy start the wood splitter and ran to put her helmet on and then dashed around the side of the house to take over the "lever job".  She did a really good job!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Campfires and naughty Grandpas...

This past Sunday we got invited over to a friends house for a campfire on the Moose River.  It was beautiful and a great time relaxing with other Christians.  Now back probably a couple months now, my father taught the girls how to cross their eyes.  LOL  They have been told so many times since then that its bad for your eyes, however their response is Grandpa says its not true!  LOL  Somehow while we were at the Donahue's place, their fairly new trick came up and next thing I know we have adults trying it!  HAHA  Regardless, we had a great time.  Here are some pictures of our visit!  (Some of the pictures aren't the best quality, but again I forgot my camera so they are taken from someone else!)

 Just for the record I don't "think" my Dad taught her this...
however, I'm not sure where she got this from either!

He is responsible for this one though!  LOL

 Aunt Laurie joins in the fun...

Except one of her eyes doesn't work!  So freaky looking!

 3 Kayakers came down the rapids

 "Grandma" Bonnie and the girls relaxing in the hammock

Marissa didn't make it...

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sometimes life just down right stinks.  I'm having a low couple days I guess.  
It can only go up from here though right?!
(I'm trying!!!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet Casen Joseph!

I definitely got my baby fix Tuesday!  He is so stinking cute!  

 Daddy, Mommy and little man
 Madalyn loved him!
 Marissa was so proud!
 All three grandkids so far on my side of the family

Some wedding photos....

I realized one thing this past weekend...its very tough to take pictures of a wedding when you are in the wedding!  So I don't have many and most of the ones I do have are "borrowed" from others.  Thankfully  Jonathan and Liz own the rights to the photos and I can't wait for the professional ones to come back.   For now, these will have to do!   
 Ashlin and Chelsea getting ready
Liz, all calm, cool and collected!
Liz and Avery
Liz's mom
On our way!
 Marissa, Chelsea, myself, Madalyn and Liz's mom leaving for the church

 The guys
 Chelsea and I
 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Geiger!

 First time ever in a convertible...
 So much fun!

 LOVE the cake!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


First off, I have never owned a purse.  I used to just carry everything in my back pocket.  Then I had kids and I carried everything in the diaper bag.  Now I have 2 potty trained kids and no longer need a diaper bag.  My Aunt Monnie makes quilted purses and I fell in love with them.  During our trip out for the wedding, she surprised me with one of my own!  It is perfect!

I am soooo behind!

Life has been a little crazy over the past month.   I can't believe how behind I am! 
 Here is an update on us...

We have been short handed on the farm, so I have been helping out again.  Doug has been doing some extra work outside of the farm to help out with finances a bit so I have been filling in for him as well.  Doug has applied to a paid federal fire fighting position at our local Army base.  He would be an Army Civilian so no deployment.  Waiting on news is killing us.  We have been told they are hiring 18 positions. We are praying and waiting on the Lord's timing and His will for us.  But it's not easy!  
Two weeks ago today, I became an Aunt again!  Casen Joseph was born in the afternoon and is 100% perfect!  We finally got to meet him yesterday.  I'll post pictures of our visit.  
Saturday, July 10th, my twin brother got married.  All 4 of us were in the wedding and it was sooo much fun.  We had a blast seeing family that I havn't seen in forever.  Now I just can't wait for Jonathan and Liz to get back from their honeymoon!  I miss them!!!

So there is an update on us.  Pictures will follow!