Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ager Falls

While Bompa and Grandpa were here for the remainder of birthday celebrations, we decided to get out of the house and do something.  There is a park near us that has a hiking trail near running along the Moose River.  I thought for sure I had taken them before, but apparently not!  OOPS!!!  Oh well, we had a blast and I can't wait to go again!  
I apologize ahead of time for the quality of some of the photos.  The sun was NOT sitting in a good spot for me :)

Just starting off

It was neat to see all the little crevasses in the rock, formed by water moving very quickly through it. 

Picking flowers

Grandma needs one :)

Or maybe even two!

Beautiful!  Do you see the chair on that ledge to the left?  Dad was fairly certain that he could walk up the middle of that water on the rocks :)

Too Cute!

I have no idea what he is saying!  LOL  


Dad wants to go over there!

There is the chair again!

Chloe was NOT happy that her kids were across the water and she was stuck on my side!

Believe it or not, no one got wet!

Love it!

When I took this I didn't even realize that Marissa is trying to help :)

She made it!

And so did Chloe!


This house is beautiful!!!

Deep hole...the picture doesn't even show the bottom

Dad threw this "log" out in the water and Case went and got it and brought it back.  
As he was running with it he kept catching it on the other trees.  It was so funny!

My beautiful Mom!

Madalyn and her walking stick :)

Marissa testing out the water with her toes.

The water was moving a little to fast for his liking.

Ok, so the whole trip, the girls kept finding little rocks and baby pinecones and such and asking if they could keep it for their collection.  They had carried in little backpacks, so I had no problem with it.  Pretty soon I hear Madalyn hollar and ask if she can keep this for her collection.................
Yes, its a dead, dried up frog!  Madalyn has an obsession with frogs, but I thought for sure it would end with fake and real ones!  Not continue on to the dead ones!

On the way back through, Madalyn leans over to look in this little pool and says Aw man!  She had put the frog in the pool of water and was fairly certain that he just needed some water and he would be good to go!  LOL

She cracks me up!