Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1st Science Project

The girls were in the mood to do some science projects the other day.  So we went at it :)
The first one we filled up a glass 3/4 of the way with water.  Then we added an inch or so of oil.  They learned that oil and water do not mix.  Then we added 3 or 4 tbls of salt.  When the salt was added, it pulled some of the oil to the bottom of the glass.  Little by little, the salt would dissolve in the water and bubbles of oil would then rise back to the surface.  Super cool to watch!

As the oil came back up, it pulled some salt with it as well...

We had so much fun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lazy day...

I can't help it...she is so cute all cuddled up, passed out!  

Marissa, busy at work ;)

Monday, April 28, 2014

A day at the park with friends! :)

Remember last week when I deleted all those pictures?  Well God is good and I was able to recover most of them.  Some were corrupted during the recover process, but there is no telling they were good pictures to begin with.  The ones I was excited about were able to be transferred!  I'm so thankful!!!  So here you go :)

Last Monday the kids had off of school, or at least the public school kids did, so we took the afternoon and met a few friends at the park.  Cari and I had a lot of kiddos there, but they were all so good and seemed to have a good time.  Although they did a lot of complaining about how "hot" it was!  LOL  They are in for a rude awakening in another month! ;)  I can't take credit for all the photos in this blog...some of them were taken by this up and coming photographer :) ...

Haylie loved this slide...until one of the times she went down and saw a bug at the bottom...I never saw breaks go on so fast!  LOL  She was NOT pleased!

Kaleb spent a lot of time on it as well :)

Madalyn and Madison...maybe we should have opted for crocs instead of boots and we might not have had as many complaints ;)

Marissa spent some time playing baseball ;)

Lucas wanted to slide!

I love this picture!

They look like they are heading down a HUGE slide by their expressions!

...and again!  Love how much fun they had on the slide :)

So cute!

Friday, April 25, 2014

What a morning...

Doug has today off, but is headed to Massachusetts for a Men's Conference.  Madalyn was all excited he was off and quickly went to tears when she found out he was leaving and wouldn't be back till tomorrow.  I told her that he was going to learn about being a better man, to which she quickly replied, "He already is!"  Made my heart swell.  The tears ended  soon enough and I thought all was well.  That little girl is smart though!  I had to take Doug down to the carpooling spot at 9:45, but we left at 9 to stop in at Laurie's to see the baby ducks.   The girls stayed there while I ran Doug down.  I got back and told the girls we needed to head home to start school.  In the car, Madalyn starts asking random questions..."Is Daddy home?"  I told her no.  "Is his car home?"  I said yes.  "Well, how did he leave then?"  Come to find out, she had taken his keys out of the bucket on the hutch and hidden them in her room so he wouldn't be able to leave! She didn't take into consideration that we weren't taking his work car!  LOL  It was super cute.   I love my family!
Then I come home to this message on Facebook from Doug that he wrote me last night!

Sitting in bed and the movie is finished. I can't stop thinking about how much I love you, and how much you mean to me. I love the family that you have given to me. I love how much you spoil me. I love that you can't seem to finish a movie with me home. I love everything about you. You are the best wife, mom, teacher, and help meet that the Lord could have ever given me. Thank you so much for the past 11 years. Thank you for picking me. I love you.
Unlike · 

 I don't cry easily, but that was a tough one to hold back on.  I'm beyond blessed.  It left me speechless, and so thankful!  God is so good to me.    He gave me exactly what I needed and much more than I ever thought I wanted!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I uploaded pictures to my computer this morning, and clicked the button that says delete pictures from camera after download.  It's a regular habit that will no longer be occurring after today's incident.  I'm still not sure what happened, but there was an error that occurred during the download from my camera to the computer and they didn't all download....they did however delete from my memory card.  I had a lot of awesome pictures on there and unless I'm missing something, they are gone.  :(  Probably around 40 of them from Monday's play day at the park and Tuesday's science projects.  I'm trying not to let it get to me....but I'm just so aggravated at myself!  From now on, I will delete all the pictures the long way AFTER I have them saved safety on my flash drive!  
Lesson learned the hard way :(
P.S. I googled my problem and I think I may have a possibility for a recover!  I have to wait till Doug gets home to give me a hand...Here is hoping!!!  If anyone has an experience with this....I'm all ears!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter egg hunt...

Sunday after church, we headed over to Cari and Stefan's for an egg hunt for the kids.  The guys went out to hide the eggs and then called us when they were ready.  We headed over to the park and set the kids free.  Of course just about the time we started with directions, the fire whistle went off (the park is at the firehall) so that made things interesting.  

And they are off!

Madalyn on a mission

The girls had a lot of fun!  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dyeing Eggs :)

Cari and Stefan brought the girls over so the girls could dye eggs together.  We had a lot of fun!  
One of their favorite parts was watching the shrinky paper on the eggs!  They did so good doing it by themselves!

Then on to the coloring...


You can tell she definitely isn't my kid...she loves the camera!

Dyeing eggs takes concentration!

I told Madalyn to smile....LOL

It's a work in progress!