Monday, July 10, 2017

This week

We are blessed to be able to spend the week with Doug!  I'm hoping to be able to get a bunch of pictures and have a LOT to post about when we get back.  I know I've been lacking a little this month, or a lot, but we are flat out!  I was giving Mom our schedule for the next two weeks last night to Mom and she just laughed.  It's a little crazy!  I love you all!  Thanks for being patient!

Friday, July 7, 2017

The 4th of July

It's been a long time tradition of heading to Old Forge for fireworks.  We haven't been great at following through with that the past few years though.  I wasn't sure how this year was going to look with Doug just coming off working 60 hours at the Moe.Down, but he was all for it.  So after some birthday celebrations with our brother in law, we packed up and headed to Old Forge.  
What a beautiful day!
We had quite a crowd from church...

Doug and I decided that we are getting old.  We wore our sunglasses during the firework show because it was so bright and regretted not bringing earplugs.  LOL  It was a great show regardless and the girls enjoyed it (which is really all that matters anyhow)!

A new friend...

The girls found a monarch caterpillar on the 4th of July up at Doug's parents place.  He was pretty large, so I knew it wouldn't be long.  Sure enough, by Thursday afternoon he was all tight in his cocoon.  

He didn't pick the best place to hang himself up.  The net does have a zipper so once his chrysalis is nice and hard I can unzip it to photograph him better!  The girls are excited...Monarchs are definitely our favorites to watch change over!