Thursday, May 28, 2009

Madalyn's belated birthday update!

Late again...I'm sure you are all getting used to this by now. I'm only a couple weeks late so its not THAT bad! We had a great time at the birthday least the ladies did. The men where chilling in the living room, I have no idea what they were doing! Gramma Jenkins made the cake again for Madalyn's too. Turned out real cute and always and sooo delicious! I can't believe she is 2 now! I'm sticking with BJ Bailey's philosophy and denying that its even possible. If we all deny it, does that mean she stays little forever??? I wish! My girls are getting so big! I'm so privileged to be able to stay at home with them and savor every second. Hopefully the economy doesn't rip that privilege from me...stupid money anyhow! So, about Madalyn...nothing much is new. She had hit "terrible twos". Most days its not so bad. She is definitely at that testing stage. But most of the time if you tell her that isn't allowed her response is... "Oh....sorry!" So cute! She is potty trained most days. We still have off days where I just want to throw the towel in and give up! A lot of that is just us being at the barn or out doing whatever and she just can't concentrate on it. Too much other stuff going on. She has started trying to sing the ABC's with Marissa and is doing pretty good. Marissa at least a couple times a day makes her repeat the letters so she can "learn them better." She also makes Madalyn recite the first 8 books of the Old Testament with her so she can learn them too. I'm going to get that on video soon and post it for you to all see! Madalyn totally impresses me with the stuff she knows and remembers. We were up at the barn the other day and I was walking through the barn checking for heats with Madalyn and all of the sudden she yells out "its Kid!" Sure enough there she was...out of 140 cows, she picks out Kid. I thought that was pretty good. Marissa has 3 cows now that she knows by sight...Kid, Friendly and Pootie. She named the last two...I named Kid. I haven't met Pootie yet, but I know her number is 130. Goes to show you they don't all look the same, even if they are all black and white! Well I guess thats it for for the pictures! I included some updated ones of our little furry foster kids!


The whole crew

Kisses after feeding

Reading stories and Chloe bound and determined to steal the attention!

Present time!

She wouldn't let anything hit the ground!


Grace very entertained with the paper!

The fun group...

The boring group

In a daze

"Now what?"

Very unsure

Blowing them out

Stealing some frosting per Ms. Bonnie's advice

Going in for a second dip and Marissa is just sure
she is going to get yelled at one of these tries!

Digging in!

Messy face

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Up to three...hope she is finished!

Went back to the barn yesterday to do chores and found 2 more kittens stiff. Got them going again and brought them home. I have never known a cat to be in labor for over 24 hours and just have kittens randomly! Crazy! She is a rotten mother anyhow. She is letting her baby from last summer nurse off her but not the ones that need to. I'm not sure what we are going to do with her, but she can't keep having kittens and then abandoning them. Unfortunately she was a drop off and the farm doesn't have the money to fix her with the way the economy is.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Suckered in again...

Why do I have such a big heart? I brought another kitten home from the barn last night after I revived her. Her mother has a track record for not being such a terrific mother. She tried burying her in the sawdust pile. I heard her crying when we first got to the barn and tried to return her to her mother, but she promptly took her back to the sawdust and shoved sawdust on top of her. She returned to her favorite sleeping spot and left her alone. Before I left the barn I checked in on her. She was cold and limp and I was pretty sure she was dead, but we revived some this winter that were abandoned that were even stiff. So I started rubbing her. It took about 5 minutes before she was breathing on her own with out being rubbed. Then I gave her to Marissa to keep warm until we were ready to leave. She has livened up alot since we have had her home. She nurses well and squirms around. Dad called me this morning and apparently she had another kitten last night. This makes a total of 4 with 2 of them dead and then the one we saved. We will see if she keeps that one. Her last batch she ditched her live baby and kept the dead one. She is an odd mother that's for sure. If she keeps the baby she has right now, I might try returning this one to her. But for now she is thriving and I'm hoping I can find a home for her since she is a female. If not it will be nice and warm and she can go back to the barn at 6-8 weeks old. Well here she is anyhow. She is less than 24 hours old. Marissa has named her Ashleigh since the calf that she named that last week didn't make it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I know it isn't Madalyn's birthday or anything but..

...these were too good to not share with you all! Madalyn is 100% entertaining! I think its the age more than just her, but I get a kick out of her. (When she isnt' fighting with her sister that is!) She is also 100% Doug and can fall asleep anywhere and in mid sentence. So enjoy the pictures. As always I went a little over board, but its so hard to choose just a couple! So I just post them all and hope you don't get bored with them! Enjoy!!!

Trying to get it over her head!
Can't seem to find the hole!
Now for the bottoms...

She informed me she needed "one more"
Oops...starting over
Rough Day
Waking up
Back out

So cute!

This looks a little more comfortable and its apparently becoming one of her favorite spots to sleep! Maybe it has magic powers and I just don't know it!
The puppy comes in handy for a pillow!
So cute!

Ok you caught me...

...I'm such a procrastinator! Its been like 5 days since Marissa's birthday and I'm just now posting these! I'm so bad!!! In my defense we have not had a good last 4 days. I'm hoping day turns over a new leaf and things go better. The girls have been at each other's throats and I'm not sure why. Always arguing and screaming at each other. I have no clue what the deal is. They can't be bored because we have been spending ALOT of time outside. The only time they are getting along is when Marissa is at the barn with Daddy and Madalyn is with me! Yeah...that bad! Grandma and Grandpa Geiger and Aunt Chelsea are coming today so I'm hoping that they will find a new groove after they leave.
I don't know if it has anything to do with her being 4 now or if she is just getting more mature again but lately the things she comes up with I just can't believe it. We got her Paint Pens for her birthday and she has been drawing ever since. She is writing letters...which I have NOT taught her to do and doing a pretty good job with it too. She has become alot more creative too! Yesterday she was outside playing and she built a rock house. She got some dirt and mixed water in it so it was sticky and used it to hold the rocks in place. What 4 year old comes up with that stuff? She is so observant too. We just got a new bull up at the barn and Doug was showing her him so she knew to stay away from him and she asked him what his name was. Doug told her he didn't have a name yet and asked her if she wanted to name him. She came out with "Well he has a pink nose like our Sid (ferret) so I think we should name him Sid." Maybe I have just not been giving her enough credit but she is one smart cookie! She has been naming the calves at the heifer barn again too and not crazy names that I can't spell or pronounce. The last calf that was born she named "Ashley". I'm not sure that she even knows an Ashley so I'm not sure where that came from. I look to contiuing to watch her grow and mature. I'm so proud of the little person she has already become and can't wait to see each step she takes. Here are the rest of the pictures of her I promised!
The Cake all lit up

Blowing out the candles
Opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy
She was informing that duck tape doesn't belong on presents.
I ran out, how bad is that?
She gave it to Madalyn and she stuck it on her belly
Paint Pens
A BIG My Little Pony
More from the party
Another Pony
"We are ready for Cake"
Crazy sprinkler that Marissa informs me every morning
that it is warm enough for now!
Being silly
Two out of the four isn't bad
One out of four?
She loves those little girls!