Monday, December 29, 2008

It might be a little bit before I catch up...

I'm going to try to update everyone with pictures and details on how Christmas went, but it might be a couple more days.  Doug's grandmother passed away on Saturday after having a stroke a couple months ago.  The calling hours are tomorrow and the funeral is Wednesday so I'm not going to be able to upload pics and such until later this week.  Thanks for understanding!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve!

I can't believe its Christmas Eve already!  We are having the annual Benedict Christmas party at our house tonight with games, food, and a bunch of friends.  I need to clean and cook in preparation for that sometime today!  I probably won't post again until maybe Christmas night so I thought I would wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  I promise lots of photos from Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Madalyn peed in the potty again!

Ok so be forewarned... the pictures below have baby butts in them!  I blurred out everything else.  They were just too cute not to share!  Marissa had to go to the bathroom this evening and Madalyn decided it looked like fun so she asked to go potty too.  So I undressed her and put her on and she sat for a while and then jumped up yelling "Look, Look!"  Sure enough she peed.  She was so proud and so was Marissa.  Marissa took off running to share the news with Daddy.  Then she came back to coach Madalyn and ask her if she had more pee.  Then she helped clean up and taught Madalyn how to flush the big potty.  I'm not sure that was a good thing to teach her, but we will see!

Marissa being encouraging
Madalyn had to get up to do the up close and personal CHEESE!
Madalyn looking up to her big sister
Look Mom, PEE!!!
Now what?
Ok, we are sick of this!
Proud sister
Taking care of it
Teaching Madalyn how to flush

I love my kids!

I'm sure its not just mine, but oh my word they crack me up!  Last night we had ladies prayer meeting at our house, so I was trying to tidy up so it didn't look like a pig stye when everyone got here.  Marissa had gotten out her dolls (which her rarely does...maybe once a month at the most).  Anyhow she was making them cry and changing them and stuff.  Finally she comes into the kitchen with the stroller full of them all wrapped up and does a big outload sigh.  She goes on to say "Finally they are asleep!"  I asked her if they were being naughty and she quickly responded "Mommy, you don't know the half of it!"  I could have died laughing!  So cute!!!  Then Grandma Jenkins brought the girls their Christmas gifts.  Marissa opened a package of Princess Jammies and said, "Thank you Jenkins...its just what I always wanted!"  Madalyn opened every gift with the same response..."OOOOOO, WOW!"  I can't wait till Christmas morning.  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Update again

The Benedict family is doing great!  We are all done Christmas shopping and everything is wrapped.  Marissa LOVES to wrap so yesterday we went down to Grandma and Grandpa Benedicts and helped them wrap all of theirs.  Grandma gave Marissa a little Jewlery box that like a ring would come in and she filled it with some good stuff and then asked Grandma if they could wrap it.  She helped Marissa wrap it and then as soon as we got home she ran and put it with all the rest of the presents and said it was for Daddy.  So we decided to start a new tradition and let the girls "buy gifts for Mommy and Daddy" and then maybe each other later on.  We only did it with Marissa this year because Madalyn doesn't understand any of this yet.  So last night I took her to Walmart and she picked out her own gift for Daddy without any help and the wrapped it when we got home all by herself.  She is pretty proud and excited!  Also, an update on baby Kayleigh Freeman...She is showing signs of improvement.  She has Pneumonia now and as they drain her lungs and have her on meds for that she is showing signs of improvement.  Her stats are climbing and so on.  So continue to pray for her and also her family.  They are in the real estate business so you can imagine how things are going there with the way our economy is.  They are struggling very much financially...if you want details on where they are sitting visit their blog here  It also has a spot at the top of their page for donations.  Please help in whatever way you can, even if its praying!  Love you guys!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on Kayleigh

I figured I would let everyone know how things are going.  You can check out her blog at.. for more detailed information.  As of right now her parents and loved ones are preparing to say goodbye to baby Kayleigh.  This is obviously something a parent should never have to do, but God apparently has other plans for baby Kayleigh.  Although this is a blessing in disguise, it doesn't make it any easier.  My heart is broke so I can only imagine how this family feels.  Please pray for them in the next couple days as they don't really know when God is going to take her.  Give your little ones lots of hugs and kisses...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Prayers needed!

Okay, I don't usually do this, but I'm begging for some extra prayers right now!  I have a link on my page for Kayleigh and many of you have heard me talk about her.  She isn't doing well right now and is in some need of alot of prayers to pull through.  I know that God is bigger than statistics and doctors and NICU's so lets all unite in some heavy duty praying for this little baby and her family.  I know they would really appreciate it and so would I.  "I love you Kayleigh!"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playing Car

Marissa taking a break from pushing...

Up and ready to go!
Down again
And here we go!
Switching boxes
Sharing a box
Silly faces
Nice one
Being goofy!
How about this one Mom?
Front shot
They are done with the picture thing...
"Here Mom"
Marissa is bored... Mommy is all done!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The promised post!

Today was a much better day.  Both girls woke up in a pretty good mood and stayed that way all day.  My day got off on a good foot...I got the dishes done first thing this morning and the house vacuumed.  We were doing good!  I wanted to take the girls out to play in the fresh snow, but the wind was blowing pretty good and I knew that wouldn't go over well with either of them so we opted to stay inside where it was warm.  We did a lot together though.  We played barn, read books, and played Uno Spin.  Uno Spin is quickly becoming Marissa's favorite game, and she is good at it too!  Madalyn and Marissa seemed to be hooked to each other's hips today for some reason.  When Marissa went potty so did Madalyn.  Marissa even wiped her and took care of her potty before I had a chance to return to the bathroom with a clean diaper.  When we were playing with the barn and animals this morning, Marissa gave Madalyn an animal to play with and I told her "That was nice."  To which she replied, "God told me she wanted that one."  I think that is her favorite phrase these days.  She cracks me up.  Between her and Madalyn I get my laughs in every day.  Tonight the girls were playing with the Baby Tad Barn that hangs on the fridge... they like to dance to the music after they hit the button.  Well Madalyn has decided its way more fun to spin in circles.  Oh my word... she got spinning so fast and then fell on her butt and her head was still spinning.  She just sat there staring at the ground and you could tell as soon as it stopped because up she went and immediately started spinning again.  Little screwball!  Anyhow enough talk, here are the pictures I promised!
Daddy choosing the right cutter
"Daddy I got a dirty hand!"
Daddy is having as much fun as Marissa is!

Marissa helping Daddy cut out cookies

Madalyn decided eating was more fun!
Marissa looking on while Daddy rolls
Marissa joins the eating crew
She got really good at this!
Very carefully placing the cookies
Madalyn decided that the house was in need of a good sweeping

She is good...she can even sweep with her eyes closed!

Look at that gut!

Christmas shopping is done!

Things ended up being changed yesterday.  Grandpa went to his doctors appointment and then shopped by himself.  Grandma didn't feel well so she didn't go.  So Laurie, Katie, the girls and I all went together.  We got alot accomplished.  The girls are now DONE!  I have two more things to do, but both can be done right at Lowville Walmart, so I can do that at any point in time.  We finally got Christmas cookies frosted and sprinkled so we are all set.  I know I have been bad about pictures lately but trust me, you wouldn't have wanted them from the last couple days.  It would have been all tears.  I told Doug I felt like I had newborns again, and I didn't know how to fix it!  Marissa seems like she is in a good mood this morning.  She came in and woke me at at 7 saying "Mommy, its time to wake up!  Its a beautiful day out see?"  Of course her version of pretty is when its snowing like crazy.  I'm glad we got shopping done yesterday!  Well I have a pile of dishes to catch up on, so I'm going to run for now!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm still here!

Life has been crazy trying to get ready for Christmas.  We had a couple of really rough days with the girls.  I don't know if they got behind on sleep or what.  They seem to feed off each other.  If one is grumpy then the other picks up on it and decides that looks like fun!  We are heading to Utica today with Aunt Laurie and Grandma and Grandpa to do some Christmas shopping and hopefully finish that all up.  Marissa is getting all into the Christmas spirit... she is "wrapping" up everything in the house and putting it under the tree.  So apparently she remembers last year and how this all goes.  Yesterday was a tough day for Madalyn.  She got something on one of her puppies.  She has been sleeping with both of them, which is not good, but... what are you going to do about it right?!   Anyhow the one puppy she kept throwing out of the crib and crying saying "YUCK!"  So I tried tackling it yesterday and finally got it out but she caught me throwing it into the wash, so that didn't go over well.  I thew him in the dryer while she was napping so that was fine.  She took him back ok when he was finally dry.  Then last night we went to church and I forgot puppy all together!  I just am not doing well with that kid and her lovies!  Today I CAN NOT forget that thing when we got to Utica.  Well thats it for now, I have to go get stuff ready to go for the day.  I'm hoping to be back at a decent hour tonight so that I can update with those pictures I keep promising!  Have a great day!

P.S.  I forgot to mention that we have our sump pump running in the basement right now and Marissa informed me this morning that we needed to turn it off .  I asked her why and she said she wants to go swimming!  I tried telling her that water was VERY cold, but it didn't seem to affect her decision. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ok, so I lied...

Apparently being up since 4:45 this morning is really kicking my butt, so I'm turning in for the night.  We never did get the Christmas cookies done, so we will get those done tomorrow and have those pictures up in time for tomorrow's post.  Sorry guys...I really did have all intentions of sticking by my promise!

The kittens are gone!

They left in the afternoon around 2:30.  Marissa took it well and said goodbye.  She hasn't asked about them yet, she is more just excited that she can use "her potty"! haha  We made up Sugar cookie dough before the girls took their naps and then cut out a couple sheets worth of cookies before supper.  Madalyn wasn't interested in helping, she just wanted to watch.  Marissa wanted to do it all!  We are going to finish up cookies today after church, so I will update you with pictures tomorrow night.  We had a dinner to go to tonight for the Fire Department.  Both girls went with us since Mom was out visiting Grandma Fuller.  They were very good.  It so funny to watch their completely opposite personalities come out!  I took them to the game room the restaurant has and Madalyn walks right up to this teenager and says hi and then runs back to me.  Then she goes back and give her her puppy.  Back and forth back and forth...Marissa wouldn't leave my side and wouldn't say hello.  It was pretty funny.  The girls got to bed late tonight...9:30 and tomorrow we have church followed by dinner and a second service.  Hopefully it all goes well and the girls make it through without too much of a fuss!  Well I guess thats it!  I promise pictures of the cookie making process tomorrow night!  Love you all!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

And then for the entertainment...

The Christmas post was getting too long so I decided to make a second one with some funny pictures and some of the animals while the tree was going up.  So here they are! 

Marissa with "her bestest friend in the whole wide world"

Attacking the tree

That can't be comfortable...

She claimed him I guess!

The line up!

Apparently Doug's butt makes a great pillow!

Passed out!

Sitting tall and pretty

So cute!

Slap him!

Ferret down!

Kitten down!

We are ready for Christmas!

I apologize that I didn't post last night.  We played Uno with the girls (well Madalyn watched but Marissa is getting pretty good at it!) read them some books, and then we all went to bed!  Just one of those days I guess and we were all ready for bed!  We all had a lot of fun putting up the tree.  Marissa helped put up the garland and rearranged a few branches.  She got pretty bored with the branches part really fast!  Madalyn was our official light inspector.  When we opened the box of ornaments it was like we just won the lottery... they both thought that was the best thing ever!  With the exception of continually reminding Marissa that you have to spread them out, she decorated the bottom half of the tree by herself.  Madalyn hung one ornament and then had enough, she had more fun stealing them and taking off running and giggling.  I was a little worried with how Madalyn and the two kittens would be with the tree, but all of them have been great.  We have had to remind Madalyn a couple time that she can't take the ornaments off, but overall she is great!  The calico kitten hasn't even touched the tree, the black kitten has tried to climb it a few time, but considering the fact that our two cats full grown slept in the tree last night (they left very obvious signs with the big holes!), I'm pretty sure the kitten can't knock it over!  The kittens should be leaving today anyhow...I think!  Well now for the pictures... there are a LOT... you have been warned!

She doesn't really know what she is suppose to be doing!
Marissa rearranging while Cali looks on
Help from both kids
Madalyn got wrapped up!
The tree is up!
"Mom can I just give you garland from here?"
She decided that wasn't going to work!
Round and Round and Round...
...and the garland is on

Now its time for ornaments


Daddy joining in
Caught you!


With Marissa's approval!