Friday, March 26, 2010


My friend Denielle had her baby yesterday morning via c-section.  They names him Samuel Isaac.  He weighed 9 lbs 12 oz and was 22 inches long.  He had the cord wrapped around his neck so its a good thing they took him.  He was struggling to breathe and a team from Syracuse (where Madalyn went) came up to evaluate him to see if he needed to be transported.  They decided he needed to go.  The doctor put him on C-PAP and he has an iv.  He seems to be a lot better today.  His Dad and Grandma/Grandpa are with him and his Mom is of course still camped out at the hospital waiting to be released.  They are thinking Friday or Saturday.  So....Big Sister Grace came to play today while her other Grandma sat with her Mom.  The girls had a blast!     
Marissa pulled Grace on her lap so that she could teach her how to feed the baby calf before we went to the barn.  So cute!

The 3 Monkeys
Grace and the baby's "formula"
Best friends
Totally not cooperating... she is!
Feeding the baby
"Look Mom, no hands!"
Marissa's new ingenious way of feeding the calf.  She informed me she is more like the mommy now! HAHA

Little Grace in BIG tractor
"I'm out!"

Big Stuff

Grace brushing the baby
Marissa's turn

Grace officially named her "Grace"
Sleepy time
Feeding the cows...or trying to
All done working

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The snow is melting...
and with that comes my OCD.  LOL  Yesterday we went to Lowville, did our banking, shopping and had complimentary pancake breakfast from our local farm store.  When we got back I had the urge to go through clothes.  Both of the girls closets has stuff in there that doesn't fit them anymore and I just hadn't gotten to it yet.  I have two people that would like my baby clothes so I needed to go through all that stuff.  So I hauled all the baby boy stuff and baby girl stuff that I have collected through the past couple years and I started going through them.  I couldn't believe how much stuff we have collected!  I ended up with 3 boxes and 3 big bags of boys clothes from newborn - 3T and 6 boxes of girls clothes from newborn - 24 months.  CRAZY!  It feels great to have it done though.  I'm dropping off the boys clothes this afternoon and waiting to hear when is a good time to drop the girls clothes off.  Next on the find some good deals on stuff for my ever growing Marissa!  LOL 

Monday, March 15, 2010

P is for play

I'm usually a big neat freak.  If its sloppy and wet out I really cringe at taking the kids out.  Sometimes I really think I have OCD.  LOL  The other day though, it was about 50 out which is awesome for this time of year and where we live, and the sun was shining so bright I just couldn't make the kids stay in.  It was way to warm for them to wear their snow pants, so I just put their boots on and figured I would do laundry when they got finished.  (I try hard to close my eyes to the mess!)
Madalyn went right to work on her masterpiece.
Then found out her sister wasn't joining her and decided to play in the snow too
Marissa hard at work 
Look at that air!
Ready, set, go!
On a mission..
Chloe is too, digging for moles.

My flowers are up!
Great picture of Case
Marissa's attempt at a snowman...notice its melting already and it just got placed there
Madalyn's attempt...
Bubble Time!
They don't stay in one place long!
First thing running through my head...1st to laugh, but 2nd this is NOT going to end well!  LOL
But of course I still let her do it for my pleasure!  I'm so mean.
It ended better than I thought
This however looked even worse...
...Marissa changed her mind quickly...
..but failed.
Madalyn's turn...Notice the pattern here?  Marissa does it so Madalyn has to follow!
"It's cold!"
Marissa' version of Hop Scotch
There she goes!
On to puddle jumping...
...See, I did good!
By this point in time they were soaking wet and the sun was going down.  
It was time to go in before the temperature started dropping too and we end up with 2 sick children.