Friday, October 13, 2017

October Field Trip

For our field trip this month, we headed back to our local state park and hiked the small trail they have.  The kids love it, and it's great for a wide range of ages.  

Madalyn and her hiking buddy ;)

It didn't take long for Marissa to get a walking buddy ;)

This tree was pretty cool!

We finished off the day with lunch and playing on the playground.  
Marissa and Madalyn on are that far bench. 
We had a great day with amazing weather!  
We are looking forward to November's trip!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Can you guess...

...who tried to come visit us?  

We expected to see it lying on the ground, but either something came and took it, or it lived through this!  I can't get over the detailed print that it left on the window!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Projects with Grandma and Grandpa

During our day in Old Forge, Grandma and the girls were on the hunt for some pretty leaves for a project.  We did this project as kids, but Mom and I both decided that we think the wax paper is different now than it was so they didn't turn out perfect, but the girls had fun regardless!  

Ironing the leaves between two pieces of wax paper....

She loved it!

Marissa's turn...

 They loved it!  
The best part is, they don't know what they used to be like finished ;)

The girls had to show Grandpa and Grandma their "pumpkin patch".  
We composted a pumpkin last fall and we ended up with 8 good size pumpkins!  
The girls are pretty proud of them! ;)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The perfect end to the perfect day....

I don't think better ice cream exists anywhere!

Marissa was too busy lovin' on a dog that was visiting for a picture,
 but these three got one anyhow!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hiking Bald Mountain

Doug had mentioned wanting to take this hike again, so when a beautiful weekend came along and the leaves had begun changing, we took the opportunity and went!  My parents came with us.  It actually worked out perfect.  Mom had an appointment in Watertown Friday, so since that is only about 45 minutes from our place, they drove down, picked up the girls and took them for ice cream (Doug and I were at a youth group event) and then spent the night.  We were able to head to Old Forge together and enjoy the day.  It was warm, but since the humidity was low, it was not unbearable.  Thanks Mom for the pictures! <3  :)
Heading up :)

Madalyn kept finding bugs LOL

I LOVE this hike!  Granted, I was very thankful I had Molly.

It was so beautiful!

Marissa and her trusty partner :)



Madalyn wanted to be a part ;)

Another bug...

I wonder if she will wear these glassed on her wedding day?  ;)

She is so cute!

I was there too ;)

I kinda want to go again!  I loved it so much.  This is the second time we went, but it was just as good the second time.  We headed into town and ate at a super cute place right in Old Forge.  We got to eat at a table outside and the dogs even got to sit with us.  I'm so glad we decided to take them.  I was iffy on it, but Doug thought we should.  They got along with all the dogs except one, and behaved perfectly.  We didn't have to worry about them getting hot at dinner time since they got to eat with us so it was perfect!  I'm not sure if Mom and Dad would do it again...I haven't asked how they felt the next day, but I'm thankful they decided to hike it with us!