Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Friday!

This was our first full week of school vacation!   It's been a great week and we have gotten a lot of little projects accomplished.   The kids have enjoyed their days just playing and not having to do anything or go any where. 
Today we have to get out though and get some more tomato plants.   They are the only thing that didn't survive the 27 degree night we had last week.   I need to do a bunch of weeding today too! 
It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm hoping to finish laying tile finally!  We will see ;) 
It's been almost two weeks since we started leaving Molly out of her kennel when we are away.   She has been doing fabulous!   I'm so thankful and going that eventually we can replace the kennel with a bed, put it in storage, and reclaim our bedroom!
I think that sums up our update for today!   I hope you all have an awesome weekend.   Spend it with your family and relax together!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


 That season has hit again and the toads are all over.  The first "baby toad" has been spotted and the girls set to work building him a home...

Of course the toad had other ideas and while they were gathering some materials to decorate the top, he escaped ;)  It's the thought that counts right?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1st Camping trip of the season!

Saturday morning we headed up to Eighth Lake for a relaxing get away.  Eighth lake is amazing!  The campsites are set apart from each other, there is no electric, cell service, internet, etc!  It was awesome!  We did a lot of walking, biking and lounging.  I didn't realize how much I actually needed this!

 We wore the dogs and kids right out!

 This year we took the plunge and took Beaker.  Last year when we took our trips, we didn't think twice about the cats because they had each other.  This year, Beaker would be left home alone.  She has really bonded herself to us since loosing her sister and we were worried about how she would cope.  Since this was a short trip away from home, we figured this was a good start.  She did great and didn't seem to mind it one bit!  

 Sunday Laurie and Kenny joined us for the afternoon/evening and it was really nice!  

Now that the season has been started, we are itching to get out on our next trip!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The long awaited post :)

Last week was a blogger fail :(  I got busy getting ready to head out on our camping trip and the blog took a back seat!  I have good news though!  I'm finally posting those pictures and videos from when my parents were here a couple weekends ago celebrating the girl's birthdays! :)
Mom has a tradition with the girls...they always pick a cake design out of these books, and then Mom makes them and the girls decorate them.  Saturday was no different.  She made the cakes a head of time and brought them down with her, along with homemade frosting and candies.  While Mom and I set to work on the cakes, the guys and girls played the new game we got!

Let the fun begin!

Oh boy!  This is supposed to be a swan ;)

LOL  Mom was frosting the swan and she went to sit in the chair to her right...only she missed by a lot and ended up down here!  LOL  She had frosting on her knive when she went down and that went flying!  The frosting ended up flying onto the cake and no one was hurt so it was all good!

Looking better!

Let the decorating begin :)

Looks great!

And then there was this cake... it didn't come out of the pan well and we thought the fish cake would be easier to construct than the swan, so we saved it for that cake.

Since the cake was sooo bad on top and we didn't think frosting that part was going to go well, Mom decided we should flip it before we start cutting it and then we have a smoother "top" to frost....this is how that went down!  LOL  I was laughing so hard!  So excuse the "Geiger" side of us and it pours out ;)

We had our doubts that it would turn into anything good, but it actually turned out really good!

Decorating the fish...
And its done!  The only thing we forgot was to dye the fish orange...but Madalyn forgot that she asked for it to be orange so its all good.

 They have gotten sooo big!

Then we sang to the girls...

Of course we had to finish the day off with the traditional tea party!
Mom and I were so stuffed that we just served the guys and girls.  They had a lot of fun!

They even played it proper with their pinkies out and all ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hair cut pictures finally :)

Last week we went and got our hair cut.   Madalyn decided she was ready for a fresh start and cut 12 inches off her length!

She loves it and is very happy she cut it!   No regrets! 

Marissa usually takes a good amount off, but she is enjoying her length and decided to just get hers trimmed and layered. She loves it! 

I got about 4 inches off mine and then layered it really good.   

Very thankful for fresh cuts! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How is it even possible...

...that Madalyn is 8 today!  I just can't wrap my head around how fast these girls are growing up!  It seems like just yesterday she was so tiny and helpless in the NICU.  So many memories!  I'm so thankful for cameras!

She was forever trying to get on 1/2 dozen shirts!

I have countless numbers of pictures just like this.  This kid could and still does sleep anywhere!

 Probably one of my favorite outfits EVER!

 We went through a phase where we couldn't get a picture without BOTH puppies

I remember this day... she fell asleep sitting up and fell over!

First day with puppy...what did we do?  LOL

I LOVE this picture!

Time to go home!


I don't remember this day, but she seems to be enjoying that peanut butter!

Love the look!  Remember this day Amanda?


Madalyn thinks she wants to be a horse trainer now or at least work with them.  She has really matured this year and has become quite the little mommy to our extra kids.  God definitely blessed us with her.  She is so sweet!