Friday, May 31, 2013

Just too funny not to share!

With the birthday cakes and then Caleb's surprise party, we had so many deserts it wasn't even funny.  Therefore we also had trouble storing them.  So Mom put the cake in the oven for safe keeping and made a note to put on the stove so we wouldn't forget it was in there.  

Saturday night, she preheated the oven for french fries.  A half hour later, she is sitting in the living room and suddenly she hollers, "CAKE!"  Sure enough, the oven got preheated to 425 with the trusty note still tapped in its spot ;)  LOL
 (I'm not sure you can see the digits on here or not!)

And just in case you wanted to know what happens when you try re-baking an already frosted and decorated cake.....

LOL  Don't worry Mom, we still love you!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun with Cousins :)

The kids played so good together the whole time we were up there.  With their age gaps I figured there would be some squabbles but there really wasn't. 
 Here are some pictures of their adventures....
Finger painting was a big hit.  I'm not sure any of the kids have finger painted before, but they definitely enjoyed it!

And did a great job too!

Hard at work...

Arya hung out behind the cute as ever!

 You can't see her total face in this one, but I love that partial that I got of that smile! ;)

She is so expressive!

Little musician :)

It's tiring being a baby

She sleeps in the best just never know where she is going to put her hands next!

Love her!

See what I mean!  LOL  Too Sweet!

One of my favorite pictures!  The girls watch TV like this all the time at home so naturally, they laid down at Grandpa and Grandma's to do the same.  Case stood by watching for a couple seconds and then followed suit. :)

Bubble time!

A little loud but I love Arya's faces!

Marissa asked Aunt Cristale if she could hold Arya and was then in her glory...she won't stop talking about it!

Love this picture...they look like they are sharing a secret of some sort.

 Saturday when Aunt Cristale and Uncle Caleb left to help Morgan move, Madalyn finally got up the nerve to ask if she could hold Arya.  
She did a really good job and thought she could handle anything.  Even when Arya started fussing, she wanted to rock her instead of letting me take her back!

We headed to the park on Saturday as well.  They kids had a great time and it was a perfect opportunity to wear them all out ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surprise for Caleb (and Cristale too!)

Alright, I'm warning you all now that its a lot of pictures.  I'm horrible at that anyhow but I believe I have an excuse this time!  I was the only one taking pictures so I had to make sure I covered all basis!  ;)  So here you go everyone!
We had a whole day of some close calls, but in the end I think we pulled it off!  There was a couple lies that might have been thrown in to make it successful but his face when he walked through that door was well worth it!

A little late, or a little early on that one :/

Casen wanted to help Dada open his cards and gifts...

 A watch box from Mom and Dad

And shirts from Cristale (and the kids)

 He is too cute ;)

Being a froggy 

Cristale's turn!

Mom made her Snickers Pie for being amazing

...And a charm for her charm bracelet.  

I know I've already said it but thank you both for all you have sacrificed over the past 5 years.  The time and dedication that went into both your jobs I'm sure felt like it went un-noticed at times, but know that it is and was very much appreciated.  I'm so proud of both of you and all you have done.  We love you all!