Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My baby is growing up!

As of Sunday Madalyn has decided that she is no longer in need of diapers, even though I just bought a brand new box from Walmart...150 of them!  She is proud as can be with her new accomplishment.  I don't even have a clue and was very unprepared for this move.  She went from being soaked every morning and peeing and pooping anytime she didn't have a diaper on to telling me that she has to go potty and actually going every time she asked.  This morning we were at the barn and she told me she had to go and actually held it till we got home.  I dug out Marissa's padded training underwear, since regular underwear doesn't come any smaller than 2T, and shrunk the tar out of it since it was still 18 months and she needs a 12 month.  I have to fold the tops down to get them to stay but she doesn't mind as long as I don't make her wear a diaper.  I found some Easy Ups at Walmart today that will work for when we are out...again a touch big, but not bad.  I'm just so shocked...Marissa wasn't hard to train but she definitely didn't train herself!  Oh and this morning the girls got to experience a calf being born.  Both had their eyes glued to the cow the whole time and didn't seem bothered.  Marissa just wanted to make sure the calf was alive and know whether it was a girl or a boy.  Madalyn was all upset because she had "poopies" on her...anything that is yucky is poop.  Marissa and I named the calf Abby and that puts us up to 9 calves now...Pretty good!  I'll post pictures next time!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Warning...picture overload!

I'm not sure how I got so backed up on pictures, but here are a bunch from this month so far...I was going to hold off and post them later in the week to spread them out, but I'm impatient so I'm doing it now while I have the time!  Consider yourselves spoiled!  ENJOY!!!!

Barely made it in her bed and passed out cold...
Till she heard Mommy's camera go off...then she had to try and wake up!

"Mom go away so I can go back to sleep!"
Being silly
Pretending again

Ok, now you have seen it with your own eyes...Madalyn has control of the door and closed them in so please don't turn me into Social Services!  HAHA
Two puppies (Grace and Madalyn)
All three girls squeezed into one cage! (Notice the door isn't latched...so you still can't turn me in!)
Madalyn is cooking supper

Playing so good by herself!
The girls pretending to go Nite Nite
Marissa keeping Daddy warm
Mike May came to visit and brought Conner and Tanner with him to play.  Conner and Marissa got along so well!  Madalyn was pleased as could be that there was a "baby" in the house!
Conner and Marissa
Madalyn peeking
Being cute!
Keeping Tanner busy

Random Pictures...

The animal lover in me had to share these too!
This is "Noodles"  We are trying to save money on the farm and the vets recommended buying used Men's vests at Yard Sales and Salvation Army's in XL size for the calves to wear.  They work great!
"Noodles" again
HAHA...I still can't help but laugh when I see this picture!  Jack and Chloe went out for a bit to play and Jack came in looking like this.  I should have gotten a picture of Chloe too just to show you the difference because Chloe didn't have anything on her!  So funny!  It took Laurie and I spraying him down with warm water to free him from that mess!


My Mom got Madalyn TaDoodles for Christmas this year.  We have used the crayons and stamps quite a bit but the paints have proved to be a bit messy.  They have dried up a bit so they are manageable now, so we gave it a whirl again the other morning.  I have been working on colors with Madalyn so there is a video at the bottom of her and her favorite color.  The video isn't great quality because I had to edit it, but you will get the idea!  The girls had a blast!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are still here...

Just thought I would let everyone know that we are still here and still alive!  haha  We have had the flu and are still kind of recovering so no pictures yet because I still don't have that much energy.  I'll update again soon!  So far Doug is the only one that has gotten out of the puking virus, so pray that that continues and that this doesn't circle around again!