Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Day!

Daddy wasn't home for Valentines day so we celebrated it early.  Things definitely change when Daddy doesn't get to spend every night at home.  There was no mushy dinner/movie date for us this year.  But you know what?  That was fine with me!  I love having our whole family together, spending time with the girls, doing what they love.  
So on Thursday, before Daddy came home, we made cupcakes and decorated them.  The girls had a blast and did an awesome job!

I love my kiddos :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm a passionate person.  I used to try denying it and tried flying under the radar.  But now I embrace it.  I am who I am, and I am passionate.  I try not to become one of those people who you see coming and say to yourself, "Don't get her started on _____, she'll never stop!"  LOL  My strongest passion is concerning abortion.  I have always been pro-life, but when Madalyn decided to come early, my whole view on it became so much more real.  Walking into the NICU for the first time in my life was an experience all in itself.  Madalyn was in nursery A, which was the nursery dedicated to the sickest babies at that hospital.  The isolette next to her housed a tiny, tiny baby boy.  He was a twin and had been there for some time.  Over the next week, we got to talk to his mother and learn more about them.  They were born at 23 weeks.  They had been in the NICU for almost a month and had just recently hit 1lb.  CRAZY!  They were born with transparent skin and yet came out wide eyed and screaming.  And this is where my outlook took a drastic turn.  It became real.  Why is it that people are aborting babies at that gestation, however the NICU works day and night to save these lives.  It comes down to which babies are wanted and which are not.  I recently found this video and it puts into words what I have tried to say for a long time.  Take the time to watch it and maybe, just maybe, one person at a time, we can change our world's view on this!  Even if you are already pro-life, it is worth watching.  Its just an awesome way to view things.  I wish I could get this video into the hands of everyone.
P.S.  Watching this video will also open your eyes as to how well our public school system is teaching our kids.  Absolutely crazy!
(Remember to turn off my "radio" before pushing play)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water Beads :)

A friend of mine told me about these things, which are seriously the coolest things ever!  They start out super tiny, like half the size of a grain of rice.  You just add water to them and in 4-6 hours you have tons of fun :)  These kept 3 kids and a dog busy for hours!!!