Friday, November 22, 2013


The girls favorite part of gardening is fresh carrots I think.  They LOVE them.  This year they took a liking to fresh, raw green beans as well...but nothing compares to their love of carrots.  I don't know what the deal was this year but we grew some MONSTER carrots, onions and potatoes.  When we were digging potatoes we found a bunch of mole nest so I don't know if they helped irrigate the soil so things could grow bigger or what the deal was, but the girls think its great!

(Madalyn said she could only handle a small one!)

And here is our pile!  One of these days I'm going to get the energy up to clean, cut and freeze them all!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Cookies

We don't do much for the fall season, but one day the girls and I were in the mood to make sugar cookies.  It was a little early to start in on Christmas cookies so we made "fall cookies" :)  They did a really good job!  Daddy took pictures while the girls cut the cookies out....

Beaker was helping Daddy out :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Fun!!!

With fall here and thanksgiving around the corner, we decided it was time to get some pumpkins and do some carving!  We went with Cari and the girls last Thursday and they each got to pick out their own pumpkins.  It was fun watching the girls and seeing what their idea of a "good" pumpkin was.  Madalyn wanted a baby pumpkin, Jamie wanted a medium one and Madison and Marissa both wanted as big of one as they could find.  Cari and I picked out pumpkins for the guys.  Of course we went a day too late and had to uncover ours from the snow before we could see if they were good or not.  LOL

Then Friday night we met at their house for pizza and carving fun!  (Smart thinking on my part to do it at THEIR house instead of mine huh?)  :)  We had a really yummy supper...Sweet Baby Rays BBQ pizza and Garlic Chicken pizza, both homemade and SUPER good!  They kids begged and begged for us to stop eating so we could get to the good part of the night! 
We covered the floor with plastic and let the kids get to it.  All the kids carved theirs except Madalyn.  She did not want to "kill" her baby pumpkin.  So she used pieces that you stick in the pumpkin to give it a face, kind of like Mr. Potato Head.  The Dads assisted with cutting off the tops so they could remove the guts.

Madalyn worked very hard on her pumpkin....she was so cute!

All done!  

Lacy helped too ;)

I think this part was Marissa's favorite.

At this point in time Madalyn is starting to think that this process isn't as bad as she thought it was....

Yup, she loves it!

Daddy, starting on his now!

Madalyn did most of Daddy's gutting for him.

Stefan Jr. hard at work...

Lacie, all wore out

Guinness...I love those eyes!

And then the paint came out...

Stefan Jr's pumpkin finished!  I love how he left the guts in it.  

I'm pretty sure at this point in time we are just making more of a mess.

Look at her!

Madison took this job very seriously.

Daddy let Marissa cut her own!  She thought she was big stuff...

Daddy's pumpkin is all finished!

Jamie's finished pumpkin

Marissa's finished pumpkin

Madison's finished pumpkin and Jamie's again

And of course, after all the fun and hard work....this is the result...

And for some odd reason, this squirt ball is still awake!
We had a lot of fun and I really think we need to make this a new tradition!