Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lewis County Dog Show....Year #2

The girls have been counting down the day when they could do the dog show again :)  This year they changed things up a little big though.  Marissa showed Chloe, like she did last year.  Madalyn however, made the switch and took Case instead.  They both did soooo good!  Doug and I were both very proud and both dogs were very well behaved!  

Marissa and Chloe in the under 20lbs purebred class.  

They ended up taking 2nd! :)

Madalyn and Case in the mixed breed over 20lbs class.  The class was HUGE and they didn't place.

But they both did awesome :)

Both girls in the Sit, Stay class.  Madalyn and Case took 2nd in this class and Marissa and Chloe took 3rd.

Both girls also took 1st place for showmanship!  They look pretty cute don't you think? :)

You can't really see but the girl's dressed the dogs up as a Bride and Groom this year for the costume class :)

Both dogs placed 3rd in the show your stuff class.  This was their reward....

 Needless to say, they both love them!

Until next year....!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

What a beautiful day!

I got a phone call one afternoon from Katie.  Her, Alex and Zoe were heading to the park to wear Zoe out!  LOL  Last time they took her to the park, she was scared of it and didn't really enjoy it.  Katie was hoping this time around if I brought the girls, Zoe would learn from them that the park is fun!  

I would say it worked, wouldn't you?

Marissa reminds me so much of me when I was her age.  
She is such a little mommy :)

LOVE this one :)

Awww!  So sweet!

Madalyn wanted to swing, but....

 ...last minute she decided to run and catch up with the other two girls!

Then she spotted "Grandpa Geiger's" horse!  She was concerned for a second that he gave his horse away!


Madalyn and her duck

I LOVE this picture of her!

Madalyn and her new buddy

Digging out the bottom so it can go faster!


It took them a while but they finally figured out how to make this work!  
Believe it or not, they stayed balanced most of the time.  Hard to believe!

I love Zoe's new facial expression! :)

Marissa learned how to pump!  Score one for Mommy!  LOL