Thursday, April 30, 2015

Creative hair :)

Yesterday, we got creative with the girl's hair.  I had planned a new hair style for them, but while I was waiting for them to finish brushing their hair, I ran across the video for the Zipper Braid.  It looked really neat, but really complicated.  After watching it, I still didn't think I was going to be able to get it to turn out, but the girls wanted me to give it a go.  I figured the worse that could happen is we take it out and do something else :)  It turned out great!

Madalyn's back of her hair

Marissa's back of her hair 

They loved it and I think it may be a go to style for the summer!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sewing projects

I have really missed sewing!  It seems like for a while there I was spending a lot of time with my machine, but here lately it's just been sitting and collecting dust.  Last week a friend of mine came over to hang out for a bit and brought her machine and started a project.  That only made my itch worse!  So I decided to start a project with my spare material that I have kicking around.  
My goal was to make something like this for my sister...
The only problem was, I didn't want to go get material and I didn't have enough spare fabric for that big of I got creative!  I still have some finishing touches to put on it Thursday and I also have a skirt to make before Friday evening.  So anxious to finish it, but I want to wait till I have an infant carrier here to test it out and make sure its the size I want before I finalize it.  Don't worry, I'll post pictures! :)  Today I don't have any extra kids so I think I'm going to work on cleaning the house and getting caught up on some things.  We have a busy weekend next few days and I want to stay on top of what I can, while I can so I don't get overwhelmed!  Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the warmth!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Faith and Prayers

I am always amazed at the faith of a child.  I know that the Bible talks about us having faith as a child, but until you are a Mom and see it first hand, it's hard to comprehend exactly what that means.  My girls love to pray....It's awesome.  You don't even have to ask them to pray about something.  If they sense there is something going on, if they want something or if they see someone else struggling, they are going to bring it before the Lord.  Marissa has prayed EVERY night before she goes to bed that we won't have a fire for a few years now.  She doesn't just mouth the words, she believes that as long as she prays that we won't, we won't.  We have some repairs we need to do to the basement after the tough winter and Madalyn has caught wind that I'm concerned.  So she has taken it upon herself to pray that it goes smooth and isn't too expensive.  She has the faith that that prayer will be answered.  (She also has been praying that it won't snow, and although that hasn't been answered everyday, she hasn't gotten discouraged or down.)  I think I need to take some lessons from my kids.  Even when I pray, I lack the faith that should go with it many times!  Kids sure have a way of humbling you... in more way than one!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Loosing it :)

I was shocked this morning to find out that I never had a post go up on Friday!  I "remember" writing a post and I swear I got it ready to go up....only it doesn't exist so I must have just done it in my sleep.  I do not know what to do with my head.  I can't trust it at all.  Anyhow...I remembered this morning for real:)    
So Saturday we started on Bathroom #2.  The girl's bathroom had a few cracks in it so it was pretty easy to start tearing up the linoleum.  I got the first piece out and then the girls went to town.  They had a blast! 

The particle board came up a lot easier in this bathroom, but the glue was as bad as every.  My hands ached and I kept getting weird sensations from the vibrations even hours after I was finished.  

 You can definitely tell that at one point in time they struggled with water.  Thankfully everything was totally solid and its just water staining and not rotting.  

We are hoping this one goes a little quicker than the last!  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Birthday presents and Thompson Park :)

Now the the girls are really good at riding bikes, and with plans of bike rides this summer, it was time to upgrade the girls to mountain bikes.  Mom and Dad decided to go in with us on the upgrades as their portion of the girls' birthday gifts.  
Madalyn ended up with a 24 inch...its a bit of a reach for her, but it should last for a while and she has no problems mastering it.  

Marissa ended up with a 26 inch and she fits it beautifully!  It should last her a good long time!

We decided to head to Thompson park so the girls could test out their bikes and we could spend some more time with Mom and Dad.  

I got to snap these pictures on our walk...

I love them so much :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fun at Target!

Saturday we had an open house at our home.  Since we needed to be out of our place for a while, we decided to meet my parents in Watertown and do some shopping for the girl's birthday.  We met for breakfast and then headed to Target.  For those of you that don't know, my Dad had surgery on his foot a little over a month ago.  He is doing great, but still has his moments of swelling and pain.  Someone mentioned that he could always ride in the shopping cart and before I knew what was going on, he was in.  LOL

Love it!

He looks pretty comfy...although I'm not sure how long that would have lasted!

The kids thought it was the best thing ever!

Of course you can't go to Target without getting pictures with the Target balls!

Poor thing!  The sun was in her eyes!

Marissa was not pleased with the idea of standing up on the ball, so Madalyn was holding her on ;)  Such a good little sister!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Sand...

Every year when the snow finally leaves, the girls get busy outside.  They sweep the driveway and make a pile of "sand" and then bring out all their sand toys.  They work hard getting all the little rocks and sticks out of the sand to make it more fun.  

It makes me laugh every year.  We used to have a sand box and they never used it so we got rid of it.  I guess this way, since its only there for a while, they can't get sick of it and it's "new" every year!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bean Boozled take 2...

Let me just start this post out by saying that our girls BEGGED to do this game.  We told them it was bad and they didn't care.  LOL  

They actually really impressed me and handled it better than I did I think!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bean Boozled :)

For youth group this month we decided to torture the teens.  We had come across this Jelly Belly game called Bean Boozled.  Curiosity got the best of us and we decided who better to test it out on, but the youth group ;)  Our plan kind of backfired because we didn't have a ton of teens this month.  We started to feel bad and figured we should play with them... :/  
So when you buy a box, here is what you see...these are the "flavors" that are found inside.

You can get just a small box like the above picture, or you can get a game box with a spinner like this one...

We opted for the game spinner and decided to throw a wrench in things.  We bought a bag of sweet tarts jelly beans as well.  We also brought a book full of Bible Trivia.  We went around the table and asked each teen a question.  If they got it right, they got a sweet tarts jelly bean (guaranteed to be good).  If they got it wrong, they had to spin for their fate, although they still had a chance of getting a good one.  I will tell you that they aren't many good ones in the box!  LOL

We have an awesome group of teens and they were all really good sports about it and I think, although they all left a little queasy, they did have a good time!

We only had a couple rules.  You had to chew the bean at least 5 times.  If you absolutely could not swallow it then you could spit it out at that point in time.  The only other rule was to have fun ;)  

Here we go!

Julie told me to give her a "thinking face"...I should have thought longer...

...because the barf was awful!  

By the time we were done playing, the basement of the church smelled so nasty.  The smell of these this is soooo bad.  Matt had skunk spray...

Canned Dog Food...

Another skunk spray...

Moldy Cheese...

Josiah got his right!

Poor Abraham got Skunk Spray a second time.  We had already had 2 skunks and figured we had to get a licorice...  :(

In case anyone else gets curious, we have another box still wrapped up and saved for another time.  
It makes for a lot of laughs!