Monday, July 13, 2009

Lacking time

We are short on people at the barn for a few months, so the girls and I are back in charge of the heifer barn. Of course we have no complaints and are happy to help! I'm having a really hard time keeping up though so please forgive me for my lack of posts. The girls are both testing quite a bit lately...I'm sure because they know we are both busy, but overall I'm enjoying watching them grow. We have had a ton of company so far this month! Jonathan and Liz came down first and spent the night. Liz made my weekend by asking me to be her Matron of Honor next July when she marries my twin brother. The girls really took to the two of them this time and I was sad to see them go. Grandma and Grandpa Long came down around the 4th of July and spent the night. The girls warmed up in no time and had fun. Marissa convinced Grandma to come to the barn while Grandpa napped to see her cows. We had alot of fun and it was great to see them again...its been too long. Doug's brother and sister in law and two boys came up that same weekend and we spent the remainder of the time with them. We took a hike on Sunday after church and enjoyed the Moose River and then came home and had a campfire. Mom, Dad and Chelsea came the following Monday and spent the whole day with us. We had a great time and Mom was sure to spoil me by helping me catch up with some stuff. This Saturday I have a Pampered Chef party and am going to have a full house for the afternoon. Mom and Chelsea are planning on coming down for it and possibly staying to go pick up our dresses on the 22nd of July. Meanwhile the girls and I are spending our mornings and afternoons taking care of the squirts at the barn. I have learned how to drive two tractors this week and now know how to haul wagon, hook up and drop them. Its fun learning new stuff! Now for the good stuff!Great Granpa Long and Marissa
Marissa being goofy!
Great Grandma and Madalyn
I love this shot
Ok so please excuse the fact that my girls are lacking clothing in this picture...we just got home from the barn. Marissa using Madalyn for a pillow while Madalyn sleeps!
I'm pretty sure they will hate me for this someday!