Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Super excited!

We have had our campground reservation for Darien Lake State Park since before Christmas.  This has become an every year tradition, and we didn't want to loose "our site".  Then we just wanted for the email for the tickets to the amusement park.  Only, they didn't come when they normally come.  Since the reservation was already made, we decided we were going to go no matter what.  Honestly we were a little bummed though!  I sent a message out to see what was up, and have just been waiting back on information.  
This morning, I got the email for the tickets!  We are excited and payment is going out for them tomorrow.  It's going to be a blast!
It wasn't going to be a big deal either way, but I'm thankful the Lord came through and allowed us to get them again this year.  There is no way we could pay full price for the tickets.  I'm very grateful for this opportunity!

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