Monday, April 11, 2016

Sibling Day

If it wasn't for Instagram and Facebook, I wouldn't even know this day existed.  
Yesterday morning I woke up to a ton of posts about siblings and how thankful they were for each other.  I spent a good share of the day reminiscing about our adventures as kids, the four of us together.  The days spent at the park playing for hours until the whistle was heard, playing horses with our ropes in the hideout, riding bike, taking walks, sledding...the list goes on.  The trouble we got in, the times I'm surprised we didn't get in trouble!  I remember once we were at the park playing and we were making a tree swing.  I'm not sure if any of us tested it out before Caleb, all I remember is when he did the branch broke and he fell.  We tried to fix his back before we took him home, but we couldn't.  So we took him home, walking all cockeyed.  Dad fixed him, but I'm so surprised we didn't get in trouble!  I could be remembering wrong, but I don't remember too many "bored" days.  Between the four of us, we always came up with something to do!  Thanks Mom and Dad for supplying me with built in playmates and friends!  Thanks Jonathan, Caleb, and Chelsea for all the memories!  I only hope my kids grow up with the same quality of memories! :)

Oh and we kind of need an updated sibling picture ;)

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