Thursday, April 28, 2016


Mom always asks me every year if I have any ideas for the girls for their birthdays/Christmas.  They haven't really asked for anything this year.  We got them an outside game and swim goggles that I'm pretty sure they have forgotten they wanted, but will remember this summer when we start camping again.  So I got the idea that a shopping trip would be fun.  A trip to Watertown with Grandma and Grandpa and an outfit would be awesome!  Mom wasn't sure so she wanted me to feel the kids out and see what they thought without letting them know what the plan was.  So I asked the girls about a month ago if they thought it would be fun if we went clothes shopping with Grandma and Grandpa Geiger if they got money for their birthdays.  The girls both thought it was a good idea, so we went ahead with plans.  
Last week, we got out the girl's summer clothes and went through them.  When we got finished, Grandma had called and asked the girls if they still wanted to go shopping.  Marissa was all for it, but Madalyn was a little hesitant.  She said she really didn't need any clothes since she had all Marissa's Hand-Me-Downs.  I talked to her to see where she was coming from and in the end she decided she still wanted to go.  I wasn't really sure what the hesitation was for, but I let it go.  
Fast forward to tonight and we are sitting on the couch talking about the pending shopping trip.  Madalyn stops and says that she really isn't sure how this is actually going to work.  I start to explain it to her and she stops me.  
"I only have $2, Mom."  (Madalyn)
"You do realize that this is going to be your gift from Grandma and Grandpa they are going to pay for it, right?"  (Me)
Madalyn immediately starts laughing...Now she gets it!  LOL  She is such a goofball!  Poor thing was trying to be frugal with her $2.  She is such a sweetheart!

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