Friday, April 15, 2016


I mentioned in my blog post on the field trip to the TV station that my car was having some computer issues of some sort.  I had a bunch of dash lights on for no apparent reason.  We had asked a couple people and we heard quite a few possibilities, all of which made me a little nervous.  From the computer going on the car to the alternator, I didn't like them!  Our mechanic took a peak at it one day quick just to make sure it was safe to drive and although it printed out 3 pages of errors, he said it was safe to drive and that he would squeeze me in the next week.  He wasn't too concerned and was pretty sure it was a wire or sensor issue.  I was really praying he was right!
So Wednesday night I dropped the car off.  I didn't hear anything all day on the car.  (That didn't help my head any!)  On top of not wanting anything huge wrong with it due to finances, we also needed the car tonight for a youth event, so it needed to be a quick fix.)  Anyhow, around 5 I called to check on the car and he said I was all set.  Turned out it was missing some programing and thankfully he had the machine at the shop that was needed to reprogram it.  It cost me a whopping $40.  
God certainly is amazing!  

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