Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Silly Night

So our night started out with quite a few giggles before we even skyped with my parents.  However, it only got worse once we were talking with them.  It started with us talking about how to keep Mom company while Dad was in Georgia for work.  Dad was talking about going and seeing Chelsea since he wouldn't be too far from her.  He said the only thing that was going to keep him is that he didn't want to make Mom sad since she can't go.  Mom told him he should go visit and that she wouldn't be lonely because she was going to come to our house.  Both the girls immediately errupted in unison, "You don't have to be lonely at!"  
OH MY GOODNESS!  I hadn't even heard the song before so I didn't even know what it was.  I knew there was an insurance company called Farmers Insurance so I asked if that was what it was for and Dad informed me it was a dating site for Farmers.  Seriously?  LOL  The girls of course had no clue but it fit perfectly.  The whole time Dad kept asking Marissa if she signed Grandma up, but I'm not sure she actually heard him because all she kept saying is, "I didn't mean to....I didn't know what it was!"  HAHA  
This is the commercial that they proceeded to tell me about....

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