Monday, August 3, 2015

Youth Group for July

One of our teens came up with the idea for this youth group activity.  We broke up into two teams to start off.  Each team was equipped with an equal amount of card board, 4 rolls of duct tape, an unlimited amount of sticks and bark and an hour and a half to accomplish the task.  The task was to build a boat that not only could float, but also hold two members from the team.  They had to paddle out to the "island" and back before it would be considered "sea worthy".  We had a blast!  A special thanks to the Donahue family for letting us use their property and Kim for being our photographer.

Team one

Team two

Here we go!

It's starting to not look good for those boys... ;)

Video provided by one of our teens ;)

The "Cheerleaders"

The girl's have been taken down!

Julie has taken over the boy's boat

After being dumped multiple times, the girl's boat is starting to look a little sad...

We had an awesome night.  After the boat activity was finished, we introduced the teens to "Hobo Dinners"  which was a huge hit.  The lesson tied in great with our activity as well.  I had my concerns when we started up the youth group, but I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and I think they are too!  

The Schindler Family was gracious enough to take the girls.  When we got back to pick them up, this is where we found them.  All cuddled up watching a movie!  

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