Friday, July 31, 2015

On the way home...

 We didn't book it back half as fast as we headed down.  It was really nice to stop and take breaks.  We all needed it!  The whole trip home, the girls were driving.  You read that right!  We were being "pulled" by 3 horses and a mule and they were driving them.  So when we stopped for dinner, naturally the horses and mule needed to be cared for as well! ;)

I LOVE their imagination!  I hope they never loose it!

All tied up safe and able to enjoy some dinner and rest up a bit before they had to continue home.

This was our set up :)

Beats having to eat out!  I'm so thankful for that little grill.  It has come in so handy in times like this!

After dinner the sillies started in...
I'm thankful that we had this time together as a family!