Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Doug's arrival!

Wednesday when I got up, I had a crazy thought.  Even though Doug had driven himself to the airport and therefore had a ride home, I thought it would be fun for the girls and I to make the trip down there and surprise him.  I quickly shoved it out of my head since his flight wasn't supposed to come in until almost 10pm.  Thursday when Doug's mom rode in with the girls and I to go to Marissa's eye appointment, we got talking about Doug's arrival home.  I told her I had thought about it, but his flight came in so late.  She wasn't worried about that at all and said that her and Dad would drive the girls and I out and then I could ride home with Doug.  I got so excited!  Then the fun began.  I didn't think it was smart to head for Syracuse without having some more information on Doug's flight other than it came in around 10.  I didn't even know where that flight was coming from.  I didn't have any of Doug's coworkers' numbers which made it a littler harder.  Then I remembered I had one of his coworkers' email address.  She had helped us look for houses in that area.  So I emailed her and asked for either Matt (Doug's coworker's) or John (Doug's boss') number so I could get information from them.  She emailed me back shortly and said she had already talked to John and he was expecting to hear from me.  He said he didn't have the information with him at the time and it was after office hours so he asked if he could get it to me first thing in the morning.  I assured him that would be perfect.  I then saved his number for future reference!  LOL  I might have to be sneaky again!  Of course shortly there after Doug offered me his flight itinerary so that I could keep track of him.  So Friday night we all headed out.  The girls had never been to an airport and they had a blast.  I'm really glad there was stuff to do because Doug's flight ended up being there a half hour late!

Syracuse airport has a cockpit set up with a flight tower next to it for you to check out.  The kids LOVED it!  Madalyn crashed her plane many times! ;)

We got to watch his flight land with the help of one of the employees there.  We quickly went up and hid along side the wall he would be coming out of.  He sent me a text and told me he had landed.  I told him I was really tired and didn't think I was going to be able to stay up and thatI knew he was disappointed, but I would see him in a couple hours.  I know, I'm bad!  When he came through the tube things, I hollered out his nickname that only two of us have ever called him.   I knew it would get his attention.  It did!  Although it took him a minute to process everything!  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to do this!  It was so worth it! 

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Chelsea Thomas said...

I love this! I've been in that "play" airplane, too! :)