Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A day with a friend...

I don't think I'm ever going to get caught up to real time with this blog!  LOL  Oh well!  So two weeks ago, I had to go to the Syracuse airport to pick up a teen.  I took one of our girls from youth group with me.  Her mom offered to keep the girls to play with her younger daughter while we were gone.  I took her up on it knowing that we could be there a while and the girls would get sick of waiting.  While I was gone the girls got busy...

They built this "tent" outside with sticks, stones and an old sheet.

 So cute!

Tragedy also struck :(  The girls found a teeny, tiny baby toad (or frog, I'm not sure).  Somehow he ended up falling and cutting himself and he died right there.  The girls were really upset, especially Madalyn.  They buried him and had a "ceremony"

I felt so bad for them!  

We turned this around when we reminded them that they still needed to do the play they wrote for us!  Enjoy!!!  (It's long but so cute!)

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