Monday, August 24, 2015

Crazy Week...

This is the last week free before babysitting and school starts back up.  So we are taking advantage of it and heading to Ithaca with Doug.  It is going to be an interesting trip for sure.  We are taking the 2 dogs, Beaker and Peterette.  LOL  We will see how this goes!  I'm excited to spend some time down with him though.  We haven't had a chance to do as much traveling with him as I initially hoped to do this summer.  With him being all over it's hard planning ahead and knowing these things.  
In other news, Peterette did something to her leg yesterday.  She lets me touch it and all without seeming to be in pain but she holds it out and won't hop on it.  I'm thinking she pulled a muscle.  We are going to wait it out for about a week and see how she does.  She is still eating and drinking and climbing her ramp so she seems to be fine.  She just doesn't want to move around a whole lot.  The girls are worried about her of course and can't wait until she is back to feeling like herself.  
Well I'm off.  I've got to do some shopping today and pack stuff for when we leave.  I'm not sure that I will be able to blog much this week.  I may be able to put one up via my phone, but if is your warning! ;)  I hope you all have a great week!

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