Friday, August 14, 2015

New/Old Friends!

My roommate and I have kept in pretty close contact since we left college.  We got married close to the same time, were both pregnant for both kids together and I've really just enjoyed the fact that we are still close!  Our oldest two started writing to each other and acting as pen pals a couple years ago.  Since then we kept wanting to get them together.  My girls have been Jess, but not her kids and her kids have never met any of us.  So when she wrote me a few weeks back and asked if this particular week would work, I jumped on it.  I was so excited it was finally going to work, but it also fell during the second week Doug was out of time.  I tried so hard to keep myself busy enough that I wasn't going to go crazy.  Here are some pictures from our adventures!

The first day they were there, it was in the upper 90s so I planned to take them to Ager Falls.  Sometimes it can be tough getting to know someone if you are just sitting around a house.  I tried to take the awkwardness out of it by planning an activity.  It seemed to work, although I don't think they needed my help.  They were great friends within 10 minutes!  Of course with no AC no one complained about going to find some water to cool off in!

Chloe was not a huge fan of the fact that her kids were so far out!

The next day we headed to the local park.  We planned to go to Turin for a picnic, but when we got there the kids found a hornets nest in the wooden playground so we decided to take our fun elsewhere!  Lyons falls took second place! ;)

The kids found a Monarch butterfly that they managed to get to land on them if they wanted her to.  "She" as beautiful!

Madalyn and Lloyd didn't really want any part in the butterfly sitting on them!

I love the group shots, especially this first one!

My girls loved that Jess was there to push them on this thing!  It makes me sick even watching it, let alone pushing or riding it!

It won't be the last time we get together for sure!  The kids can't wait to do it again and I honestly can't either!


Sharon Geiger said...

Next time, get a shot of you and Jess!!!!!!

Chelsea Thomas said...

I was going to say the same thing, mom!