Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A day at the fair!

We always take a day and spend at the fair, going through the barns and visiting people.  The girls LOVE it!  One of the first things that they run to is this cow that always resides outside of the small animal barn.  They love to practice their milking skills...

Inside the small animal barn, they usually have rabbits, calves, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and/or pigs.  This year because of the bird flu they didn't have any chickens or ducks.  Even though Uncle Kenny and Aunt Laurie raise pigs, they still had to spend some time with the piggies!

They also love the bubble machine in the 4H building.  
It's so fascinating to them!

There are always a couple shows and we usually try and hit them both.  This year they had a dog show and a balancing act that was on America's Got Talent.  The dog show was ok, the girls really enjoyed it, but although there were parts that I enjoyed, he wasn't very nice to his dogs and he didn't have very good control of them.  Every time he turned around there was another dog disappearing.

He needed volunteers to hula hoop and although Madalyn doesn't like to be the center of attention, she does love to hula hoop.  So she was all over that!

This guy however, was amazing!  We really enjoyed his show!  He was funny and talented and really had a way with the crowd!  

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Sharon Geiger said...

The girls sure love the animals :) <3