Monday, August 17, 2015

More friends....

I'm so eternally grateful to all the people who tried their best to make the two weeks that Doug was gone easier on me.  A lot of people checked up on me and Doug's parents had me over for dinner a couple times.  One of those people that checked on me often was Beth Schindler.  She asked me over multiple times and made plans for us to do things so I wouldn't have as much time to think.  For anyone who has spent a good amount of time away from their spouse, they know how thoughtful that is!  One of the days, she took us to Watertown with her.  We packed a picnic lunch and went to the farmers market.  We had a lot of fun!  The girls loved the Watertown Library, especially the lions!  

Saturday, after the dog show, I knew I needed to stay in the area so I could pick back up Alaina (my teenager that kept me company as well for a week) from the fair grounds.  I knew myself well enough to know that Saturday was going to be my roughest day and I could not be alone.  So I called up my friend Beth Maxam.  She and her husband and kids will never know the amount that they blessed me allowing myself to invite myself over to save my sanity.  They gave up their weekend of alone family time for me.  We had a blast up there and ended up having dinner with a couple other families that we go to church with.  
Two weeks is a long time for us, but God was so gracious to me throughout the time.  He used people to minister to me and keep me busy, even if it was just picking up the phone or shooting me a text checking to make sure I was ok!  For that I'm VERY grateful!

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