Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Comp time...

When Doug got back from his 2 weeks gone, Dairy One gave him some comp time.  We gladly accepted! :)  Doug wanted to lay low for the most part, but he did want to take the girls to do something big at some point during that time.  We settled on going to Bolt Castle.  I'd never been and Doug hadn't been there in a long time.  I'm glad we went.  The girls got a little tired of it, but what an amazing story and the buildings were incredible!  

The boat house...we started here and then took a boat over to Heart Island.

The castle

Formal Dining Room

Maid's Dining Room


Servant's Dining Room


Look at this ceiling!

There were a couple rooms like this...someday they will be finished but for now they house supplies.

Rounded windows!

Bowling ally in the playhouse

I'd love to go back again a few years down the road when the kids have a better appreciation for these type things and see what else is done!

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