Thursday, August 20, 2015

New addition :)

Remember a month or so back when I did a post on the cookies that saved the bunnies' life?  "Peterette" was going to live at Kenny and Laurie's, but she belonged to the girls.  Well a couple weeks ago that changed.  I got soft, I'll admit.  Doug had been ok with her coming to the house for a while, but I was not sold on the idea.  I caved finally LOL  and we surprised the girls by taking them on a shopping trip to buy supplies.  Once her hutch came in, we got everything ready and went and picked her up. 

She is one spoiled bunny, but the girls love her and are doing a great job at taking care of her.  Doug and I help out once in a while, but overall they have everything under control.  So far Beaker hates her, Chloe thinks she is food and Molly wants to play with her.  LOL  We figure over time everyone will adjust, but for now its just easy enough to keep everyone separated.   
Welcome home Peterette!
(She is a 4 month old Flemish Giant)

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Sharon Geiger said...

:) I love her 'hutch'. I didn't know she had it so fancy :) I love you all!