Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Annual Dog Show ;)

This year things kind of got changed up.  With Piper being back in the area, our one stipulation with her heading to Doug's parents was that we be able to borrow her for the dog show.  Molly is just a bit big in her puppy stage for Madalyn to handle.  So this year, Marissa showed Chloe, Madalyn showed Piper and I showed Molly.  This also meant that Chloe and Piper were up against each other in most classes.  

I've never met a dog that loved vets so much!  

One of Piper's prizes

This was the purebred class over 20lbs class and over a year.  Molly took second to the white dog pictured with Molly.  I was all proud that Molly beat out the other great dane.   

I love this picture!  She is so beautiful!!!

She was such a good girl!

Piper shown in obedience.  She took 1st!  Her eyes never left Madalyn and she was quick to do as she was told.  

 Marissa worked hard to teach Chloe this trick!

Costume Class...

Madalyn and Piper's costume I had to help out ;)

Marissa was a little disappointed.  Chloe is usually great in the ring and very observant to what is going around.  I'm not sure if my showing Molly this year changed how she behaved or what the deal was, but her head was kind of in the clouds.   Marissa got a lot of 3rds, but no ribbons or anything for it.  In the end she got 1st in showmanship because of how she handled Chloe through it all and she never gave up or got frustrated!  

I'm so proud of all my girls...both my two legged and 4 legged ones! ;)

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Sharon Geiger said...

Thanks for posting these. I really enjoyed being there last year :) The girls are growing up so much these days. I have to take second looks to make sure it's them as I just can't believe they are that tall <3