Monday, March 7, 2016

Youth Group for March

I don't know why I always stress about youth group.  I always want to come up with something super fun, new and exciting so our teens aren't bored and want to keep coming back.  I shouldn't be  Doug's sister Laurie sent us an awesome idea a couple nights before youth group and since we had everything we needed to play, we planned on that.  I needed cloths for the teams to play the game and this is how youth group started out...

See, why do I stress again?  ;)  
This was the actual game that we planned....

When we got too tired to move anymore after playing Tic Tack Toe, we played the "newspaper" game.  I don't know who invented that game, but the teens love beating on each other!  LOL
The devotion was super good and I think the teens got a lot from it.  All in all it was an awesome night and I can't wait for next month!

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