Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Poor Chloe

Yesterday, the dogs had their vet appointment.  Both checked out great, thankfully!  
We are having a horrible lyme year already this year, so I went ahead and did the lyme vaccine for both dogs.  They changed it up this year, and I'm loving the sound of it.  Anyhow, if anyone knows Chloe, she takes it all.  Nothing bothers her, she has the pain tolerance of a saint...she is amazing.  The vet said that the vaccine might be a little more painful afterwards, than it had been in previous years.  I wasn't too concerned, but I do have Metacam here at the house if I needed it.
Well, last night, we went to go to bed and Chloe couldn't get up on the bed.  :(  I picked her up and heard her whine just a bit.  I let her be for the night since we were going to bed.  This morning I woke up and she must have been sleeping real sound, with really shallow breathing, because when I put my hand on her side, I couldn't feel her breathing at all and panicked!  I shook her gently and scared the crud out of her!  Poor thing couldn't go back to sleep after that!  Her heart was just a thumping!  Whoops :(  
She is moving like an old lady this morning...poor thing.  I went ahead and gave her some metacam so she isn't low on patience today with not feeling 100%.  Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow!

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