Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Saturday Adventures...

Saturday we took the day and headed to Syracuse with some friends and Doug's parents.  The camper show was being held at the fair grounds down there and they expanded into 4 buildings this year.  No, we are not upgrading or trading our camper in! ;)  I love to look.  I love the ideas you can get from other campers.  There are also vendors there as well that have camping supplies.  We actually walked away without spending much of anything...we did buy 2 packs of toilet paper.  LOL  We had a blast though!  The kids were terrific and we didn't have any meltdowns.  I was very impressed especially since we had 6 in tow and we did a TON of walking.  Doug's brother and his wife met us later in the day, and we all went to dinner.  It was really nice to just get out and away from the house.  We didn't have any pulls of responsibility...it was nice for a change.  Two of our teens came and let the dogs out for us so we didn't even have to worry about them.  
I can't wait for our next outing out with them!  

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