Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thankful for new friends...

Especially come this time of year, the girls and I have had enough of the winter, being cooped up, and being just the three of us.  I'm not the best at being able to get out and about, even when my own sanity needs it.  Between babysitting, homeschooling, and things to do around here, its just a lot.  This year, the Lord blessed me by bringing a friend/friends into our lives that lives just a couple miles from me.  Our kids might vary in age a bit, but the all play together so well.  I've learned to realize that I'm not as crazy as I thought, or at least I'm not alone in it, and it's really nice to have an adult to talk to.  The girls aren't near as cooped up feeling at this point in time as they usually would be.  I'm thankful that God knew exactly what I needed, and provided it.  I'm extremely thankful for that friendship.  
I know I have said this before, but every time something like this happens, I'm almost surprised.  Seeing as this isn't the first time God has seen the desire of my heart and provided, you would think I would be more trusting in the fact that He is looking out for my best.  
One of these days I might learn!!!