Thursday, March 10, 2016

70 degrees!!!


The girls finished school by 11, and we scooted outside right away.  I cleaned up the winter dog piles :/, while Marissa swept some of the driveway.  Madalyn helped by sifting the rocks from the sand so we can reuse the sand again next year!  They are frugal for sure! ;)  
Unfortunately with having the two little ones outside, plus trying to get something done, I didn't get any pictures of our first day out.  We still have a little snow hanging around, but if we keep having temps like that, it won't be around long!  I'm loving this weather, but trying to keep in mind that it is only the middle of March.  We probably still have another snow storm in the system before spring is here for good.  I kind of hope I'm wrong, but at least I'm prepared.  It sure does make for the antsy feeling to be in full swing!

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