Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yummy Snacks!

When you go to Grandma's house, I think there is an unwritten rule that all the yummy snacks must be present.  The weekend started out with cut outs that needed to be frosted and decorated.

Carmel Apples were part of the plan as well.  

Then Chelsea made her amazing cheesecake with extra graham cracker crust!

I certainly didn't need to eat all the junk that I ate, but it was yummy!


Sharon Geiger said...

I love how Jeremy is NOT helping....just waiting to be able to grab some of the finished artwork. LOL.

Sarah Benedict said...

Somebody has to do the job! He was just looking out for our best interest. He wouldn't want one of us to get sick! I'm always amazed at how well those cookies go over with family members that were not raised with them!