Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Utica Children's Museum...Finally ;)

Finally the field trip post!  We had such a great trip.  The kids loved it!  It was a little loud would be my only complaint...especially on the 2nd floor where they had an organ that the kids could play.  LOL  Honestly though, if you are local and are looking for something for your kids to do on a rainy day, this place is amazing!  I don't think my girls got to fully get a feel for everything there even and we were there from 10-2ish.  The place is pretty big!  There are 4 floors and everything is hands on.  They asked that we stay together as a group and the kids had a blast running from one thing to the next.  

An old telephone switch station!  So cool!

The mirror was dirty, but we got a kick out of it anyhow!

This was on the second floor.  I made the girls go through and listen to these shadow boxes.  Each one would light and a little girl would tell a story about how she got to the Utica area.  One of the boxes also told how they built the canal that runs through there.  I tried explaining to the kids how one works, but they didn't quite get it.  We rounded the corner and this was sitting there.  I loved that they could get a really good visual of how it worked!

I think this was the girl's highlight!  They loved this!  This game was kind of like musical chairs only musical squares.  

This one, they had to avoid the moving square...

Digging up the dinosaur bones was a favorite as well!

Back to the square....I couldn't even get clear pictures here because they were moving so quick!

This room was also a favorite!  There was fish, a snake, a turtle, and a tarantula!  There was also a lot of stuffed dead animals.  The kids liked seeing them all!

I definitely wouldn't mind going back!  The customer service there was phenomenal.  We walked in with 36 kids (2 and up so more if you counted all the little guys) and 16 adults.  They handled the craziness  great!  Most people would say that is their job, but we have been on other field trips where it wasn't handled so well.  I would recommend this place to anyone!  To top it off, they are located right next to the Utica train station, so we jumped over there afterwards to see that! 
An extra blessing for me...I ended up not having any extra kiddos that day, which was unusual for me, but it gave me the opportunity to take a friend and her 4 kiddos with me.  It was awesome to have company on the drive there and back!  
Who doesn't love some girl talk?  Right???  ;)

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