Monday, November 23, 2015

4 day weekend = AMAZING!!!

Not this weekend that just was, but the one before that, our house had a not so great weekend.  Doug and I anyhow were struggling with not connecting, things kept coming up that kept us from having quality time, and lets just be honest....I was just in a bad mood.  :(  
As Doug left for work Monday morning, he asked if I minded if he took Friday off.  I of course did not object at all!  Monday ended up being a rough work day for him and his boss told him to take Thursday off as well.  A four day weekend was just what we needed!  
I had a list in my head that I wanted to get done before it got too cold to get it done.  On the top of my list was to spend time with my family though...something we missed out on the weekend before.  
We were able to knock off soo many projects off our list!  We didn't get the whole list done, but building shelves in the garage and basement can be done anytime, and the snowblower has to be put on the tractor, but it looks like we have some time on that as well.  
With Doug working out of town 99% of the time during the week, it makes it hard to get a ton done around here.  I try to keep up, but there is only so much I can do.  I didn't realize how weighed down I was feeling by everything that needed to be done.  I'm so thankful for a company that cares about family time and cares about my husband.  They really do look out for his best interest and you don't find that very often at all!  
That's it for today, but I'll end todays blog with a quote from Marissa...
A little prep on the quote...She was working on her Math this morning and came to ask me a question.  I was talking to my mom at that moment so I told her to hang on one second.  When I got off the phone I went and asked her what she needed.  She started reading the question to me and then just stopped and looked at me..."You are just magical Mommy....All you have to do is listen to me and I know exactly what to do without you telling me!"  HAHA 

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