Monday, November 2, 2015

Good morning!

What a beautiful morning!  I love this time change :)  
My kids were up at 6:00am and we were able to start school very easily at 8:30 and they even got some play time in.  
We had an awesome weekend.  We headed to my parents Thursday night, on the later side and pulled in about 1:30am.  We enjoyed some quality family time for sure!  We stayed an extra night so we could get another card game in Saturday night.  I already can't wait for Christmas!
Today is clean up day...the camper is going to be parked for the winter now, once we get it to its location.  So today I'm washing stuff and putting everything away so that we can take it as soon as timing is right. 
I'll have pictures posted from our weekend soon!  
I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day!  Mom's night is tonight so once school is done, I have to start getting ready for that.  Doug is out of town tonight...its neat to see how God provides company for me.  Timing is awesome!

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