Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Game time

I'm really blessed with the fact that my family and Doug's family love to play games!  I'm not sure who pulled this game out of the basement, but I hadn't played Guess Who is forever!  Chelsea and I decided to battle it out after the girls had played their rounds with Aunt Chelsea.

1 win for me ;)

I'm not sure what I'm getting scolded for!  LOL

Chelsea thought she had this one won, but see all mine still standing...yea I randomly guessed her person...needless to say she was not impressed!  HAHA

On to Mouse Trap!

The girls fell in love with this game!  A winner for sure!

We got two games of Hand and Foot in as well...A favorite of ours for sure!  Seth thought it was pretty fun as well!


Sharon Geiger said...

Haha- still laughing at you picking the right person with all of your choices you had :P

Chelsea Thomas said...

Still NOT laughing! :P Love that last picture!

Sarah Benedict said...